Super Bowl Commercials - were you impressed?


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I was watching for anyone to post about this topic but no one did so I will.

I really was let down this year with the commercials. I didnt see any new clydesdale horse commercials which are ones I really like.

There were a couple of cute before the show for CSI Miami, one with a rabbit and I think a squirrel trying to get online but "clicking" a real live mouse, and I even liked the David Letterman/Oprah spot. The rest just kinda left me flat unless I was out of the room for them.

Now there was one that just literally freaked me out. The one for the car that zooms thru the sliding doors and slams on the breaks right at the end of the ramp over the canyon. No way could anyone pay me enough money to do that.


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They weren't as good as previous years. Have you seen the one Rolling Rock is running now -- apologizing for their Super Bowl ad? That's weird.

I didn't get the Oprah/Letterman commercial...


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Well Letterman and Oprah have this supposed feud going on...kinda like a tamer Trump/Rosie feud. Letterman has always said Oprah doesnt like him and has refused to be a guest on his show.

With the teams this year and her being from chicago and him being from just was too cute for that to happen.

I heard they tried to get Trump and Rosie to go in on that commercial too but they refused...lmao.

Now..I cant even remember the rolling rock commercial so obviously I havent seen one apologizing...


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I'm partial to the live mouse ad. :bravo: (for obvious reasons)
I doubt anyone could live up to the hype.
Janet, I always loved the Clydesdale ones. My all time favorite was the exploding mosquito's for some sort of hot sauce I think. (this was a couple of years ago)


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I still like the one with the zebra ref looking into the camera. I loved the live mouse this year but the others were not as good as last years!


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I didn't watch but might be able to weigh in with Oprah/Letterman history.

Letterman used to always complain that Oprah wouldn't go on his show. When she produced "The Color Purple" on Broadway she finally went. I watched that night. It was a very warm interview and both acknowledged that they didn't know why she hadn't appeared before but it wasn't because she was angry with him or anything. Well- at least that's what they said that night.

Prior to that...Letterman had hosted The Oscars and he did a terrible job. He seemed very ill at ease and he kept saying "Uma (Thurman)....Oprah" and the cameras would go back and forth between the two women. He must have repeated it at least a dozen times. It was really stupid and if Oprah ever really was ticked at him it could have been because she might have thought he was making fun of her that night. Of course he always swears he wasn't making fun of either Uma...or Oprah. (it really was a dumb "bit")



I agree,the commercials wern't as good this year.

My favorite actually was the Letterman/oprah one because I'm a fan of both and i know their "history".

I liked the Blockbuster ( mouse) one and the Coke commercial( a take-off on a video game, but where evrything is for the good "Spread the love.")


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I was really disappointed in the commercials this year. That's the ONLY reason I watch the game ... and most of the commercials were nowhere near as good as in previous years. Nothing really memorable like the Budweiser frogs or lizards or whatever they were.

I don't know where it came from, but someone sent me the little "live mouse" thing in an email over a year ago! It was cute, but it's NOT new. And even the beer commercials weren't as good this year. I LOVE the Clydesdales and they were hardly in there at all! Did they even show them? The one with the dog getting splashed with mud didn't make much sense to me - not up to their usual standards.

I did like the commercial with the two gorillas plotting to get the beer away from the deliveryman. Was that a Budweiser ad?


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I liked the one where the two guys were eating a candy bar and ended up looking like they were kissing... :smile: Then they did something "manly"....pulled the hair out of their chests.. :shocked:

I really wasn't impressed this year either..