supplements for bipolar/ADHD --how to judge which one is best


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there are a number of supplements out there for treating ADHD and maybe also bipolar. (Attend, becalmed, focus, teen link....)I believe that they might help. But how to judge which is the most effective product? Has anyone seen any research or comparisons of the various products? Have any of you done any comparative shopping? I feel at a loss to know where to begin.

I strongly feel that it is best to see a professional for guidance, even if it is only for one visit. You can go to a homeopath, acupuncturist, nutritionist or whomever you feel comfortable. They can give you the best advice on what would be right for your individual child. Over-the-counter supplements are often conglomerations of things that work well for some. It seems far better to me and thus more effective, to tailor a plan to your child's specific needs.
Your pediatrician may be able to recommend a knowledgeable person. Mine recommended a non-MD who believed in massage therapies and supplements. He had recommended Becalm'd for my son. Their website,, has some studies you might be interested in. This person also thought Teen Link would be good but it wasn't formulated for the younger children at the time. I haven't seen a good comparision for the different treatments, probably because no one is really motivated to fund it. I really think that a recommendation from your pediatrician would be a good place to start.


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in my humble opinion I also feel it is vital to work with a trained professional - in whatever dicipline you feel comfortable with. I would highly recomend the professional be a specialist with difficult child's.

Our first nutritionist was not a difficult child specialist and ran the typical tests and recommended suppliments based on the needs of a easy child. Come to find out from the specialist dr that there is quite a bit of research that shows that many difficult child's have similar defficiencies that would be read differently for a easy child. i.e. It is typical for difficult child's to be OK on folic but low on follic. The reason is that many difficult child's can't convert the folic to follic in their system. Add this to the fact that many are B12 defficent and it looks like they are anemic. The answer was to give her follic (difficult child answer) not folic (easy child answer). Since this discovery there have been many vits and minerals that have been developed with these consistencies in mind. We use Brainchild vits and minerals.. its powerful stuff and I wouldn't do it without doctors help (several to choose from) but possibly it will help you in your research.

I don't mean to keep pushing our success strategies I just hope to share some of our learnings along the way.

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I have recently been trying Focus by Native Remedies and Bright Spark (both homeopathic type remedies) that are purchased over the internet).

We haven't seen much improvement yet but have only been using this product for about 1 week. We know from past experience that it takes alot longer than that to see results.

What I have noticed is that our son is even more hyper since starting. It seems to me that I remember that sometimes in homeopathic remedies you see a worse reaction before a good one. I could be wrong.

Has anyone else tried these products and what were your results like?

Thank you for any input.
Sometimes there are aggravations with homeopathic remedies but not always. It is best to work with a good homeopathic physician and tell them all that is going on. Homeopathic medicines are very powerful and shouldn't be considered as benign supplements.