Support groups . . . when it rains it pours.

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Kathy813, Jan 19, 2013.

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    As I posted in another thread, husband and I have started on a 12-week NAMI Family to Family course to help us learn about difficult child's issues and resources available to help us.

    About six months ago, I had found a really great website on Borderline Personality Disorder that had similar class specifically for families of loved ones with Borderline (BPD). I sent an email saying that I would be interested in participating in the class if they had one in the Atlanta area.

    Well, I didn't hear anything from them for six months and truthfully forgot all about it. Wouldn't you know . . . I got a call yesterday saying that they were starting an eight week class on Saturdays and wanted to know if we were interested. I almost told them no since we were already attending the NAMI classes on Sundays but decided this was good timing since difficult child was in the treatment center and we would need support as it came closer to her release.

    One of the things this class does is teaches you how to communicate with someone with Borderline (BPD). I would say that is one our major issues along with being able to set boundaries. Again, the timing couldn't be better.

    So we will be spending our next two months going to mental health classes. Either it will be very helpful or it will drive me crazy, too. LOL

    Wish us luck.

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    Can never have too much support when dealing with MI. -RM
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    This is good news. I hope worth it as well. Talking to persons with Borderline (BPD) is hard. Learned things when difficult child was in dbt residential.
    Hard to do sometimes. Would you mind sharing the website you found? I hope you wont be exhausted after teaching all week and 2
    emotional classes on weekends!
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    You sure will be busy on the weekends. Good support groups are hard to find so that is good news. difficult child is very lucky to have so much support from you both.
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    My only contribution to the thread is simply this. You and husband will "KNOW" that you have done everything you possibly could have done to support your adult child. Yeah, Kathy, I know that it is eating up all your time and money But, on the other hand, you will have no reason to self doubt in the future. Plus, hugs, I am hoping your family benefits from all the diligent effort. Hugs DDD
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    I hope you find the classes helpful.
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    Well, tonight's session was on schizophrenia and mania. We can rule both of those out. difficult child is clearly not either of those. Next week we cover bipolar and borderline. I read ahead and we might as well put difficult child's picture next to borderline in the dictionary. It fits her to a tee.

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    I'd put my difficult child's picture right next to yours. Let me know what you learn.
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    And i thing my difficult child could show the male version!
  11. exhausted

    exhausted Active Member difficult child is poster girl for Borderline (BPD)...wish she had the solid diagnosis. All we got was traits when she was younger.
    They dont like to diagnose this early despite new research that helps with that. Hang in and
    Anything you think we could use....many here in the Borderline (BPD) boat.