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    Interesting. I do have synesthesia, both my parents have/had, my grandpa had. easy child does have some, difficult child has always been rather extreme with it (as a little kid he had real trouble at times separating which sense was actually sensing things, add that to hypersensitivity and melodramatic personality and we had a kid screaming blue murder for example how we were forcing him to eat something uneatable when he certainly wasn't eating anything and there was actually a noise that was bothering him. Made it also interesting task to try to teach him letters or numbers. Thank heavens he didn't have learning issues and just taught himself most of the time.)

    I don't think we have any clear cut autist in my family, not in the some time at least, but most of us have certainly always been more or less difficult children and all kinds of mental illnesses have been more common than average in my family tree.
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    Interesting as well. I had posted about ms emo having this back in general awhile ago, though she doesn't manifest quite like most. She's never even come close to anything like a spectrum diagnosis. What it did say in the article about " involves over-connectivity of neurons, so that a person focuses on small details but finds it difficult to see the big picture." Clearly ms emo does this all the time. In here case she obsesses on them and tries to control ever little thing and everyone. Very big difference. Sadly she just has far too much going on with her that as fast as we TRY to address 1 thing, it effects another, or better yet we just can't seem to make any headway with most any of it because of ODD or what ever it is that is much like it. Clearly a lot of the time she is making the "choices" if it's something that involves such (unlike mood instability, synethesia, seeing things, etc).
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    That was fascinating threeshadows.....Everytime I say the word "boss" ---I get the taste of JERK in my mouth. Doesn't mean I have autism. I'm just pretty sure they're jerks. But I found the article .....a step in the right direction to better understanding Autistic people.
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    I have synesthesia and am not on the spectrum, I had no idea that seeing letters in color or numbers spatially or associating tastes with sounds etc was unusual until I read an article about it in Time magazine about a decade ago. I've asked virtually everyone in my family about it (20 cousins, my kids, siblings etc) and I seem to be the only one. If I hadn't read the article, I wouldn't know!

    That said, I am very much a visual learner and worker and a very fast reader. In retrospect, I think it's because seeing and learning are so closely intertwined for me. I can read something and know it, I can see something and learn it. However, I sometimes struggle when new tasks are explained or I'm given only verbal instructions - like over the phone.
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