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<span style='font-size: 11pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #3333FF"> who would you have sent home instead?

i agreed with-both decisions this week. i never cared much for anya. just didn't *feel* her lol & bottom line hok has shown he has a lot of limitations.

last week i was sorry they sent shawna home tho.

travis's mom must be one fabulous dance two years she's had three of her students make the top ten.

i just read on the boards that anya ~~~ and i'm assuming hok ~~~ will be alternates for the national tour. they did that last year.

</span> </span> </span>


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Thought you guys were gonna discuss last night's dance, not tonight's results. We need warnings to not peek at these if appropriate or something.

Oh, well, at least I agree that it was long past Hok's time. I love his talent but he lacks versatility. Not sure about Anya. Will watch the solos tonight and see what I think then, I guess.


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Gotta say I would have picked Anya just for her costume. I'm sorry but I kept waiting for those tassels to start twirling.


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Aw come on, BBK and Kris. You know better than to talk about results the same night :grrr: .

No teasers and no results until the following morning for any of these shows. Ruining the surprise for folks like meowbunny is exactly why we have this agreement for all reality shows.

If you can't stand waiting, PM someone and talk about it privately.

That said, I agreed with both decisions.


Sorry about that Suz and Meowbunny,

I intentionally did NOT mention names because I thought it was a given that nobody would. I have posted teasers in the past and it has not been a problem. Others have done it as well (in fact, that is how I learned not to actually give names until the next day).

I won't post teasers anymore. I honestly would not have if I thought it was going to be a problem.

THAT having been said, I thought that Lauren and Neil should have left. I really like Hok, and as far as the solo dances went, I thought that Neil's was not as good as Hok's. And while I do not like Anya, I thought her solo dance was fantastic, while Lauren's was just so-so.

By the way, on Hell's I the only one that thinks that Josh looks like David from Roseanne?


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I have to say that I agreed with last night's decision as well. I loved watching Hok, and he's a multi-talented guy, but he's just not a diverse dancer. He was pretty lackluster in many of the dances and it showed how out of his element he was. I think he'll do fine - between his dance and his musical ability, he's a very gifted young man.

I liked Shawna for the most part, but thought her final couple dance did her in - the Latin dance. Although the judges praised her, I thought she totally lacked in any kind of rhythm. She still looked like a ballerina trying to do the dance, and didn't have that Latin rhythm going at all.

I think it's an amazing group of dancers this year. I was wishing Travis was going to dance last night since he was there the night before in one of the classes helping choreograph.