HELP!!! Our Satellite was out last night, freakish thunderstorm! So, I missed last night's show.

Someone please help describe how it went!!!

Thanks so much,


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Sorry, Vickie. I'm not sure anyone can do it but kris and she hasn't posted about the show. Is she drowning in the 24/7 sites for Big Brother, do you think? :wink:

I have to say that the judges seemed to think that Hok was the weakest male even though I thought he did great. And they liked Cedric this week and I didn't. :slap:

Maybe someone can give you a good run down. I thought they were AMAZING.



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The dancing was really, really good. Sorry you missed it.

Remember Benji? his sister did a good number with Kameron (sp). But Benji choreographed a wonderful west coast swing number.

Hawk, in my humble opinion was too stiff. He did good, but I think he can do better.


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Yes, where is kris when we need her? My satellite went out right at the start of the Pasha/Sara West Coast Swing number. It came back on during the critique. I tried to find it on You tube but couldn't find it.

kris ~ where are you????????



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<span style='font-size: 11pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #990000"> yes, i've been worshipping at the altar of BB (the most boring hamsters ever gathered together!!!lol).

i really liked the guest judge a lot. thought he was pretty insightful.

my favorite male dancers are danny & pasha. i could see what they were saying to danny. but they should be more understanding of what ballet training is like. he did spend two years with-ABT after all. while he may appear detached or arrogant trust me after every performance he's tearing his performances apart.

pasha & sara were absolutely fabulous! i can see pasha in the final two.

my favorite women are lacey & shawna. sadly shawna is paired with-the dreadful cedric. i thought it was hysterical, & appropriate, that he brought an extra assistant &lt;giggle&gt;. while he did improve this week it wasn't as much as the judges were saying. hopeful he will be final three tonight & then they have to send him home.......they PROMISED!!

i think hok & his partner will end up in the bottom three as well. the waltz was nice....very beautiful actually. however, what the judges said about his lack of form & technique was very true. my question is...why do they tell danny it's not about the technique but when it comes to someone like hok ~~~ who shows he CAN learn ~~~ it is about the technique? grrrrrrrrrrr.

i laughed when nigel was talking about the petition to keep jesse that had 1,000 sigs on it. a mere drop in the bucket for a show that gets 40 to 60,000 phone calls every week. pfffft

i read the boards today & most seemed to agree that cedric needs to go no matter how impressed the judges were.

results show in just 15 minutes....and the head of household comp is about to start NOW.


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #003333"> what a great opening number....and i loved the clips from the Hairspray premiere. sarah, her friend & i will be going to see it at the midnight show opening night. can't wait!!

i'm very glad to see cedric gone. the judges had no choice at this point. hated seeing shawna go tho.

i was glad to hear adam say that he changed his mind about danny. i think it was actually working with-him that changed his mind.

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Danny is a phenomenal dancer and a perfect physical specimen, too. I think he is a joy to watch. I never got the "disconnect" feeling from him so I hope the judges tuck that impression away, too.

Anya is my least favorite female dancer at this point. I was okay with Shauna leaving because I don't think she will be a finalist anyway.

I was really blown away by everyone's performances the other night and I was thrilled for Benji, his choreography and how well his dancers executed his vision. It is an amazing competition this year.

Suz :princess:



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Although Anya is a great dancer, I though she would have been the one to go, because they've loved Shauna so much. Cedric was no surprise at all. He is a lot of fun to watch though.


my husband made an interesting observation about what Danny may be lacking. He said that Danny would dance the same whether he was in a room by himself or in front of a huge audience. He doesn't seem to feed off the audience as the others do--maybe that is the "magic" the judges were referring to? The audience doesn't seem to matter to him. I agree, he is a wonderful dancer, beautiful to watch, I am glad he is still there but don't think he will survive to the end.

I was sorry to see Shauna go but would have been sorry no matter which girl it was. I felt bad for her though because she didn't get partnered with anyone who could keep her out of the bottom 3. I hope she goes on to have a great career. difficult child 2 watched with us and was really mad she was eliminated.



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Interesting observation. It is just that "joy of dance" whether he's alone or in a crowd that your husband describes that shines through to me as so endearing, Jane. I agree that he probably won't win the competition :frown: unless he gains more of the judges' support but it doesn't diminish my awe watching him perform.

So, to each his/her own. I don't like Anya particularly and the judges love her. It's these differences of opinion that make these shows and participants so much fun!