T is Graduating College!!!!!!


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Hi everyone! Things are going pretty well here as far as the kids. My big news is that T is graduating with aa double major in Management Information Systems and Accounting!! In just under 3 weeks!!!! He doesn't want a party or anything big or fancy, but he is so excited!! He doesn't have a "real" job yet, but his semesters have had him at school from 7-9am to midnight most nights. He works at a university owned convenience store near the dorms and has been invited to stay on as a non-student worker until he finds a job with his degree. They really don't want to let him go at all, lol.

Wiz is doing well at the grocery store. J is struggling, but starting to find her motivation and her way. I am having health issues, but am managing. I am jsut so excited for T!!!


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Wow! That's great news, Susie! Congratulations to T! Glad that Wiz is still doing well, and hope J keeps "motivatin' forwards," as a former supervisor used to tell us. It's so hard to believe that our kids are grown - Miss KT is 30!

Sending many hugs and healing thoughts.


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Congrats!! So happy when our kids do something positive with their lives!