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    I've been searching for a mid sized tablet for Q since before Christmas. I got one approved thru his waiver because when he had his little galaxy player he was using it for social communication and appointments,etc. so his Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) company developed goals to help him learn travel planning and scheduling and appropriate communication with workers and bosses.....

    the little galaxy 4 inch was cool but it got smashed by accident (glad I had the protection plan) so he knows android and had an ipad at school. we wanted the 7 inch size. Those ipad minis are expensive!

    I researched and wanted the nexus 7 but it was out everywhere. now back in stock and I found a good price and protection plan (I don't do that for my stuff but the office depot plan includes if the price goes down our you want to up grade! ) mostly I got it because reviews scared me that an update of jelly bean caused many bugs including not charging or starting....q would be so ticked.

    yesterday I finally gave in, bought a Samsung galaxy tab 7inch which is also cool and has a rear camera and expandable memory....went to best buy for that. then across the street to get a case at office depot and they had the nexus 7 back! so I returned the Samsung. what a mess.

    what I'm most excited about? the case I found was green and not babyish and not a fortune.,

    I'm getting it all set up before he knows it's here......

    it's nice, but I actually like my kindle better.....different focus though, smile.

    any info if someone has one would be great.
  2. Lothlorien

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    Funny, I just posted on FB about the Samsung Galaxy. Was thinking of getting one. I can't do Windows 8, because I will have compatibility issues with my printers. I just don't even want to go there.
  3. buddy

    buddy New Member

    I played with both of those. I really liked the Samsung to be honest. it has smaller internal memory but expansion slotslot. the nexus is more open. both are android though. the nexus is the latest version but Samsung did what they all do outside of nexus(which is Google's tablet, that's why....) and it's modified for them. I actually think that makes it a little more user friendly.

    the nexus has a much bigger processor, what that means for us??????? I suppose it helps multi task better but my kindle seems only slightly slower than the nexus......

    the nabi would tick q off. He has seen it and says it's for babies. his peers would say things too. I created all of the accounts so he can't change passwords(that's what I did on the Samsung galaxy player too) so even his Gmail is in my control. I made myself the owner of the nexus and he has an account so major controls are only in my hands plus I added the app lock I used before and so he can't even do in app purchases or get to the settings app. HE did well with the galaxy player so I will try this. He mostly loves to go on sports pages and have the score apps. the . cover I got is similar in depth to the nabi and is like those harder game boy cases out of rubber/silicone.
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  4. TeDo

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    I got difficult child 2 a Polaroid 7-inch tablet for Christmas for only $89 (instead of $129). He LOVES it and there are so many apps to choose from as long as they are Android compatible. He has 4GB with an expansion slot for another 4. difficult child 1 wants one for his birthday Gee, wonder if I can find any Black Friday deals on those in July. Hmmmm. If I can find a good deal on one, I really am considering getting one for difficult child 1. Of course, HE wants the iPad2. Yea, like that's gonna happen in my lifetime.

    I am glad you got one for Q. It can be such a "grown up" thing that he can use to do "grown up" things. That is awesome!
  5. LittleDudesMom

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    difficult child got the Google Nexus for Christmas and he loves it - but he's much more computer savvy than his mom!!!!


  6. DammitJanet

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    I was surprised at how much we actually use the tablet myself. Even computer illiterate Tony has figured it out. I found him looking up recipes on it one day. LOL
  7. 1905

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    I have that Nabi tablet. Someone on this site recommended it and said it was on WOOT that day for $125 for the Nabi 2. As far as I can tell, it does everything an I-Pad can do. husband was going to get me one for Christmas but I didn't want an expensive I-Pad, it not necessary. I play games and have every app I need. I can go anywhere on the internet. Plus I dropped it so many times and it's fine. I also spilled water on it. I love mine. Q would love this.
  8. DammitJanet

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    UAN, I am the Nabi2 lover. Isnt it wonderful? Yeah its pretty indestructible Thats one of the reasons I got it along with the fact that I can turn it on straight to the kids mode and hand it to the grands and then when I want to use it all I have to do is hit one button and go to mommy mode and its so easy to not even think of it as a kids tablet. Once over in mommy mode it has the same processor as the samsung galaxy for 125. I did pay the 20 bucks for the warranty.
  9. 1905

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    I am loving this. I do have to put it in the Mommy Mode every time I turn it on but that's ok. I never had anything like this, I thought husband's phone was cool but this this is better . I know if I had an I-Pad I would have broken it, I can throw this in my pocketbook and use it to look things up and play games anywhere. Did you get yours from Woot? I didn't see a warranty offered. When I first got this I called the support phone number and someone talke me through setting this up and how to work this. They have terrific customer service in case you need help.
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  10. buddy

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    Wow I'm using the nexus7 for this post.... more responsive than on the kindle HD because the cd app isn't in the Amazon app store.....gonna have to ask runawaybunny about that. I can use the full site through and it adjusts to the screen well. For mobile, I like the mobile apps better though.
  11. DammitJanet

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    I didnt get it on Woot, I got it on Black Friday at Walmart. However you can get a warranty through a place online for most things. I will find out what it is from Billy and tell you. Or just go look up any electronic thing on Amazon and they will show you the warranty options there and come back here and list them and I will tell you which one is the good one. I will know it when I see it. Billy got it for one of his gadgets and if it breaks or is damaged, they replace it no question.
  12. buddy

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    I used an Amazon. Com warranty for Quin's Samsung galaxy player and when it was smashed in the car door I got a check for the full purchase price. What I loved was I entered the receipt and everything online so I didn't have to find anything. They email the postage label so pay for shipping too.
  13. buddy

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    Q got his tablet and is very happy. I found a great sized carrying case at target that doesn't look like a purse and is well padded with room for his phone, camera, plugs and a special tablet pocket. Its black with GREEN inside lol! Cross body strap so easy to tote around. Only about 12 by 10 inches....if he won't use it I will!

    Found a t mobile family calendar app that's open to any android device, very clear visually and his color is green...I can set his schedule and notes to him without it syncing to my Google calendar (I don't always want him to know about his appointments early)......very nice shared family app.
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