Taking difficult child 1 to his last ever Crohn's camp...

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  1. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    He officially ages out after this session, so while it's a little sad, it also means my kiddo is growing up. :bigsmile:

    He's been coming to this camp every year since the summer after 6th grade, which was the year after his Crohn's diagnosis. The camp is sponsored by CCFA and the Paul Newman Hole-in-the-Wall charity which is funded in part by the Newman's Own brand of grocery products. This camp has been a godsend for us -- not only is it free to campers, but it is a very fun and carefree environment where kids with serious medical issues can go and forget about being sick and just focus on being a kid for a few days. (They cater to other diseases/disorders as well like organ transplant patients, hemophilia, diabetes, CP, spina bifida, rheumatic diseases, and severe burns to name a few). difficult child 1 has consistently returned from this camp with a noticeable boost to his self esteem and confidence. I really wish there was a camp like this for bipolar kids, too!

    He does have the option to return next year as a Leader In Training. He's on the fence about that, so we'll see what happens next year!
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    Im glad he has been able to participate all these years. That is an excellent charity. This year that is one that NASCAR is promoting. Dont know if you knew that but I thought of you when I heard that...lol.