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Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by Kjs, Jun 5, 2007.

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    I spoke with school psychologist regarding the test over the phone today. Would rather in person, but she said she was busy.
    I asked specific questions regarding the test results I received on Saturday. She told me to skip over the documentation and go to the charts. Explained what the "grey" area was. i asked her about the documentation, stated the errors such as his name, which on the form said "Alexandra" and it is Alexander. Stated my name was wrong, he didn't skip first grade, he skipped second. and other errors. She said she reviewed all his records from Kindergarden until now. I asked her if she reviewed his behavior records from elementary school. She said she did not know. Just his records. Because..According to the SD website behavior records do not transfer from school to school and must be destroyed within one year after the child leaves the school. She said she did not know. I questioned several statements made on the summary portion of the evaluation. She just said it was a "group" discussion with the teachers and a review of his records. I asked her what she meant by "high risk", and maladjusted, and the other (which I cannot remember at this time). She stated it was a "group" discussion. I asked her in this group discussion did they take into consideration that he is 1 - 2 years younger than other students in his grade. (his age was listed as being 14 during the term of the IEP. He will still be 12 when 8th grade starts). I told her I did not agree with much of the testing. He may not be socially or mentally at the level as SOME 7th graders, but by far MORE adjusted than 6th graders or kids HIS age. She said I do not need to agree with her report but she will not change it. She said what I see at home is not considerred on the report. I told her that I have been at school and I have witnessed situations at school to contradict her findings. She stated she will not change her report.

    Now my question. Shouldn't the psychological evaluation have been based on him NOW? Why would she review his records all the way back to Kindergarden. She does not know the stories behind many situations in his early years. Why would they school psychologist have a "group" discussion with the teachers to determine her report? Shouldn't that be seperate from that of the teachers (which I feel is where most of his anxiety comes from).

    Spoke to the program director after that. She wants to meet with me to go over IEP page by page. She agreed with most of my concerns and we will go over this on Thursday morning.

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    Kjs, is it possible the terms, "high risk," etc. came from questionnaires the teachers filled out? The reason I ask is that when my son underwent a private neuropsychologist evaluation last December, his neuropsychologist sent his teachers the Achenbach Teacher Report Form (TRF). The questions they answered were tallied and came back with various classifications that included "average," "high-average," "clinicallly elevated," and "clinically at-risk" for areas such as depressive problems, anxiety-based problems, behavioral/conduct problems, etc. When you meet with the program director, you should ask for a complete list of tests performed with results. It may not be something anyone should change because it's how his teachers report the school behaviors they see.
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    But why would his psychological report have to do with his past history? Or how his teachers feel about him. i already know how his teachers feel about him. I strongly believe that the way the teachers feel and their "group" meeting was a big influence on the outcome of this test.
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    I can't speak to the SD testing -- maybe Sheila or Martie will chime in here -- but every neuropsychologist evaluation my son has had includes a section on past history. My son's neuropsychologist also wanted to have his teachers complete questionnaires because he needed info on how difficult child 1 performed at school. If the teachers' viewpoints were not included, the whole evaluation would be based on parents' observations (and we don't see our kids in a school setting all that often) and on the neuropsychologist's observations based on the 10 hours he spent with my son. Because this is an evaluation of "educational impact," the teachers' viewpoints are important, even if you don't agree with them.
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    It's a good idea to ask for definitions. Education has a lingo specific to its profession as all professions do.

    Your state's definition could be different. Your SEA may also have a specific definition of "high risk."

    Getting past history and behaviors is part of the evaluation process for many reasons. It's my understanding this should be done whether it's a sd evaluation or a private evaluation.

    Did you decide to request an IEE?
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    The Program Director which over see's Special Education at the middle school is meeting with me tomorrow morning. She is very nice and has been at every meeting, (I never knew who she was before). She brought up on the phone many of my own concerns. i WILL be discussing an IEE with her. I guess it all depends on how this meeting goes. I have sooo much info that I would like changed, and considered for the IEP. They are very vague.
    It says Computer use for free form writing. OK..does that mean he has to ASK to go use it? if he just gets up will he get yelled at? They mentioned in the meeting..not on IEP that he can email his unfinished work home to himself. difficult child told me they are not allowed to use the internet. Just with that issue alone I want it to be more specific. And I have concerns like that on every page of the IEP. i have a feeling it will be a very long meeting. i did voice my concern to her that difficult child fears the teachers will "be meaner" to him if I continue to come to school.
    I thought she would say, no...she said, "it will only be the two of us, teachers don't need to know". So, what does that tell me?
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    School psychologists are trained to do a "records review" first. This is essentially seeing what has happened before to contextualize the current evaluaton. in my opinion behavioral records should nto be destroyed--they are very important. It is a good practice but is not a substitute for obtaining current information.