Teacher is going to talk to mr sp ed admin today...

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by buddy, Jan 25, 2012.

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    So yesterday I told you guys that I talked with sp ed teacher and stated my reasons for not wanting psychiatric to go with Q on a tour of future high school. She asked for specifics and it was easy to list. I admitted I am worried he may not realize he is triggering and feeding into aggression and I was super worried he would contribute to making a bad impression on my son's future school.

    So, today she is going to talk to mr sp ed admin and letting him know what I said. I am nervous but trying to embrace the whole face the conflict head on, in a calm manner, honestly and with a heart for solving the problem in Q's best interest...not to get revenge or anything. Just to get the job done. Much better than running around trying to make everyone feel good about themselves but also trying to get them to see my concerns etc....

    Gonna breathe and face it head on... with all the extra warrior suits of armor, well... how can I not succeed??
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    I think you did what you felt was right and honestly, maybe pysch needs to know he is feeding into the aggression. He may not realize what he is doing but may realize now. Plus, I can completely understand why you wouldn't want him there as I'm sure Q is going to be wondering "why did HE have to come with me?" Q's tour of the high school needs to be encouraging and fun, which I believe would be hard if psychiatric is with him. I also don't like conflict but facing it head on often is the fastest way to get it over. I applaud you for your decision. Let us know when sp ed teacher gets back to you.
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    I'm curious why she wanted "specifics". What does that really matter? Has this teacher not been around when psychiatric is dealing with Q? Does she not see what you "see"? I am beginning to agree with your advocate, DO NOT TRUST ANYBODY despite the past working relationship. THAT relationship is gone and "every word you say now can be used against you" in any way. Words can be misinterpreted and mis-relayed and at times can "prove how irrational and paranoid you're being". Having been there done that, I am getting REALLY nervous and scared for you. I know you want to smooth things over to get the "normal" back but hon, that is gone. Certain people are going to twist every word you say (and you know EVERY word is getting back to psychiatric & admin) and use it against you in some way. No, I am not being paranoid and you know that. I am really feeling dejavu!!!
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    He did admit to the grabbing in front of others, he did throw a fit about the ROI in front of others but she had not seen the restraint report, she had not seen him shove Q in the chair and did not know about it, Every single thing he has done has been documented except the shove so I am not worried about them thinking I am paranoid. I have two other people who think that there is more going on than I do so I am the least paranoid of the bunch.

    But, the truth is I do not tell her as much as I did. Only that because I wanted her to know I really meant it when I said I dont want him alone with Q ever and absolutely do not want him taking Q on a field trip.
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    Its just about to the point where there can be no "private discussions".
    Its either on paper (email etc.), or in a group where you have someone else with you (even if its your mom - but somebody who has extra ears for the situation).
    In some ways, you have to go into CYA mode just because THEY are in CYA mode.
    And THAT stinks.

    Don't be surprised if things get worse before they get better... but if you don't go through this dip, things will definitely only get worse.

    I hate it when ROCK meets HARD PLACE... and its pouring rain besides.