Teens and Gambling?


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Does anyone here have any info on teens and gambling?

We think my son is gambling. :surprise:

Or it may be drugs. He behaves like so many of the items on the list, but he has had most of these behaviors since age 5 or 6. :crazy:

Any info would be appreciated.



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I recall one of my difficult child's doing a bit of gambling. It seems the kids who are "balling" making $$ have extra money so they bet on sporting events etc. difficult child's who wanna have $$ and get caught easily end up sometimes being victims.

Have you searched difficult child's room, backpack, cellphone etc?


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Our easy child/difficult child absolutely gambles. He plays poker regularly and he
also bets on football and basketball games. My husband and I assume
that impulsive kids with addiction issues pretty well cover the
gambit of "vices". Sad. DDD