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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ML, Jul 20, 2008.

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    I would have to give this medication a thumbs up. It has done what it was supposed to do and I don't see any visible side effects. It has helped increase d's frustration tolerance and decreased the meltdowns. It has done nothing for the anxiety. I still have him on 5mg of Celexa, afraid to completely go off yet, psychiatrist said I could even increase it but I don't want the side effects that come with it. I think I finally get that there is no medication for the anxiety (that comes without a price) and that CBT is probably the way to go. We tried that in the beginning of the year but the logistics were unfavorable. I had to leave work soo early to make it back home from downtown and then in the other direction to the office. Our psychiatrist gave us the name of a good therapist much closer to home and the next step on my list is to make an apt with her.

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    Good report, ML. So far, so good.

    I love your avatar! LOL. I have that paperclip thingie in my MSWord program and grrrrr, does it annoy me! It has never once helped me. Plus, if I want help, I can go to the toolbar and click "help." Uh duh.

    Wish I could do that with-my difficult child ...
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    glad the Tenex has produced some good results! I think making an appointment with that therapist nearby is a good idea. Hope that can help him deal with some of his anxiety.

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    Glad the Tenex is helping. It really helped both the boys with-o side effects UNTIL their GFGMOM stopped it cold turkey for difficult child.

    That is a major Bozo NO NO. Remember if you decide to stop Tenex to wean your child
    off the dosage.

    Good luck. DDD