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  1. Hound dog

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    Fourth week is over and done! (thank you jesus cuz it was a loo loo)

    Soooooooooooo............Now I've had people be friendly, some more so than others........and others just plain not talk to you no matter what except to tell you you're doing something wrong.

    Maybe the month mark is some magic moment when all that suddenly changes??? I knew it would eventually.......but the fact that it hit right on the month mark tickled me. lol

    One lady is someone Nichole started with when she worked there and was close friends with while there. The person Nichole described to me........and the person I was seeing were NOT the same person. She would not talk to me, at best she usually grunted. (seriously) She was supposed to keep the person doing jar lids supplied with lids..........she'd wander off and leave you out to dry 90 percent of the time. She's a perm employee and they can get away with all sorts of things we can't. I'll be honest, can't say I cared for her much. Didn't dislike her per say.....but you Know what I mean?.

    So tonight she is chatty. I asked her how come when she does lids it looks so simple........I'm fast but she is uber fast, I want to be uber fast...... Had I asked this prior to tonight I might have been totally ignored or gotten my head bitten off and fed to me. Instead, she showed me........she picks up more than one of those dam lids at a time in each hand, which also happens to make it easier to get them to go on due to weight. So, I can now do 6 lids at once using both hands and I no longer fall behind when lidding. :)

    We've had perm sluggers on our line return last night (never even knew we had any gone lol ) and they are all chatty and quite friendly. The emo dude who is surly to everyone and quite talented at being a royal A hole was not only talkative but helpful. (nearly fainted) Forklift dudes chatted me up on break........heck, people from other lines chatted me up on break!

    But the end all beat all...........

    The temp agency boss that has never seemed to care for me, who always was trying to send me home, whom I stared down and refused to leave the line that night to go home, who never ever says a peep to me EVER...........walks by and shouts Hey! How's it going Lisa? Like we've been best buds from day one. :faint: Funny, I just found out tonight he was supposed to have been mentoring me this entire time, giving me tips, answering questions, making sure I was doing ok. Uh, ok. That so didn't happen. lol

    I've had 5 people already tell me they're certain I'll be hired as a full time employee just as soon as I meet the requirements. Three were bosses.......one was the other temp agency boss. :)

    Oh, and an FYI for anyone following this adventure of mine............I have finally mastered loading glass on my line. We have a different method than the other line I did it on and it is someone complicated as you're doing about 5 things at once. Get's hairy when you're switching over from an empty skid of glass to a full one, and that is where it always would hang me up. ugh

    I must be awfully good at straightening wicks........because no matter where I am if there is an issue (even if there are other straighteners already working), I am pulled from where I am to go straighten. I never gave this much thought as I'm new and I just figured that is how it works. Evidently not I discovered tonight as well. Turns out according to one boss, they never had to redo candles due to off center wicks if I'm on the line. (well now don't I feel special lol )

    I'm also pretty impressive for a Nana of 8. I can evidently lift 40 lbs cases to skid 6 rows high repeatedly and not collapse on them. I also have a knack for building skids and I do it right every time. (I think it's fun) It was about 300 lbs of lifting per skid and we will not go into how many skids as my muscles hurt enough it's best not to over think it.

    So now?? I"m just "one of the guys", no more newbie title for me. I made it folks........at least as far as the employees are concerned and my immediate bosses. :)

    Sad that as I re-examine what I do that I know if Katie does apply and go to work with me..........she is going to be hurting terribly after each shift. To be honest, it kicked Nichole's rear at 20 for the first few months because she started there on the same line I'm on when she was not that active physically. Katie is about as active as a slug.......and going to be 34, so i can imagine. I'll be proud of her if she gets the job and sticks with it though.

    However, if she doesn't........she might not ever live it down. :rofl: (I am so evil at times)
  2. AnnieO

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    You continue to amaze me... I just couldn't imagine. I'm about as active as a slug on caffeine.
  3. 1905

    1905 Well-Known Member

    Lisa, I'm proud of you. You are an amazing woman. Of course they'll hire you full time, hopefully soon.
  4. Liahona

    Liahona Guest

    Do you think Katie will apply for this job?

    I 'm glad the perm employees are opening up to you. It would make for an easier working environment. That is a good sign that you'll be hired on. :)
  5. Mattsmom277

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    Wonderful update. You're very impressive! I wouldn't make it through shift number 1. Truly I know that I would not. I'm sure you'll be kept on. You must feel great considering how stressful finding work was and how out of the loop you felt about working. You're doing great :)
  6. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful


    Due to my manipulative motherly ways...........and Katie's income needs..........she is "supposed" to apply for this job soon as her teeth are finally taken care of. Why? Because she constantly says she is looking for work but no one will hire her and I know because she worked here for a short time more than a decade ago, this place will hire her. Just about the only full time job in the area right now. And because I pinned her down about it in front of Kayla. lol

    Katie only quit before because she is lazy (sorry folks but the girl is about the laziest person I've yet to meet) and the job is physically demanding......downright grueling to a lazy non physical person.

    The plan is to get her hired on, then make her too ashamed to quit because her nearly 50 yr old step mother can manage it. If she does quit, her kids........most especially Kayla......will never let her live it down. Neither will her sisters. muahhhaahhhhaahh LOL
  7. DammitJanet

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    Boy I am so proud of you! Like Mattsmom, I couldnt make it half a shift. Most likely the first time they walked me in to the plant, I would be backing out and asking them if they didnt have some job in purchasing or accounting...lol. Now I wish there was something like that here for youngest to do because he is a worker. He doesnt give up unless someone makes him. Want a roommate?
  8. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    skotti, I wouldn't mind a roommate but this economy is horribly depressed. Yours might be in better shape, I dunno. (at the moment I think just about everyone's may be better ugh) Once he was hired on to the company itself.......well the pay is much better, but you have to have 450 hrs under your belt first, which is what I'm working on. Usually takes around 6 months, sometimes less if there is plenty of overtime.

    I've always been a physical person since I was very young. The adults in my family never made a line between male/female work......so I did hard work right along with housework. Granted, for a period of many years I was sedentary, school made it much worse. And of course I gained weight due to that as well. Since Fred walked on I've slipped back into my more normal physical self. When I do yard work unless something is terribly overgrown (sometimes even then as it's actually easier) I don't use gas/electric tools......it's all manual labor. Plus I walk the dogs 2 miles a day on top of that at a very fast pace because they're big dogs and eager to walk. lol

    I've now dropped off sooooooo much weight the girls are telling me to eat a cheeseburger already. lol Won't do any good, other than things that aggravate the kidney issues I eat pretty much what I want when I want and I'm still dropping weight without effort. I've lost another 10 lbs this month. Had to hit the thrift stores for clothes. I don't really have the cash for that but I look horrid with my clothes literally hanging off my body and having to pull up pants that are now 2-3 sizes too large. I will most likely sell my larger size clothes (all top of the line brands) to make the cash back.

    But had I not become that physical person?? Uh, this job would've kicked my rear totally. No joke. Had I tried to go to work there right after Fred walked on......I'd probably not made it past the first day simply becuase I'd not have been able to move to get there the 2nd day.

    That said, we have a day shift woman on our line that I swear is at least in her 80's. She's not the only one either. I think the only thing she doesn't do anymore is skid.......but it might be I just haven't seen her do it yet. lol