Thanks for fundraising ideas. I've shared them!

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    Our community has "Local Idol", guest entertainers & speakers,
    sampler dinners, formal affairs, a zillion golf tournies, a Xmas
    boat parade, a huge art festival, bail out of jail and the schools have walk-a-thons every year...we even have an Adopt A
    Road project (a mini version of the Aussie idea). For such a
    small place there is alot going on. Thank you very much for sharing your ideas.

    Here's what I have suggested: Four functions a year to be held
    in the lst week of each season change. We have 3 cities in our
    county so I suggested for ex: "A Winter Walk In X City", "Spring
    in Y City" "Fall in Z City". Walks with free pedometers, tee shirts and healthy foods at the end. The 4th idea is "Summer in
    Our County" which would be a biking county wide photo scavenger
    hunt (mstang67chic, thanks) which would include the entire county
    and would span a week or two for people to exercise and search.

    I'm excited to pass this on to husband and he is eager to pass it on to his Board. It should be welcoming for all ages and all parts
    of our county. Thanks again, family. DDD
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    Sounds like an excellent fundraising solution. Hope it makes lots of money.....
  3. mstang67chic

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    Those sound like great ideas. You'll have to let us know how they turn out, especially the scavenger hunt. I've never planned/done one, only heard about them so I'm curious to see how it goes.

    Just out of curiosity, does the organaization your husband belong to have a creed that starts out "We believe"? (former secretary and wife of former pres.)
  4. DDD

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    I "think" the local group belongs to the Florida Trails group which, in turn, belongs to the National or Federal Trails
    organization. Unlike the Rotary Club that he was President of
    the past couple of years, I am not aware of any creed or common
    membership goal recitations. (Sad to say, the Dude who pulled
    off the "dirty deed" by stealing the Trails also a
    Rotarian! UGH!) My husband is one of those rare people who never
    has an evil thought and doesn't even grasp how anyone can do
    underhanded "ugly" things. I'm not that innocent, sad to say!