The boring stuff, difficult child behavior or typical kid?


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There are things in difficult child's life that he enjoys doing, whether it be in play, school or sports. In all of these things there are exciting parts of it but there are parts in it that may not be as fun but still important to the play or the assignment.

We have noticed that difficult child tends to be almost like a switch, he can be trying his hardest and the "flick" he's not, and then "flick" again trying his hardest. This can occur within minutes of each "flick". He is intrested in whatever he is doing, but if parts of it are not as interesting, he stops trying. He isn't on any medications right now and we are trying to figure out if when he goes back on them if this will change because it is something beyond his control or if it's an attitude thing, even though he doesn't give off that impression.

Is this a difficult child behavior where they just can't keep interest on the boring parts no matter what even though they are still interested in the whole or is this a normal kid thing or just my difficult child, lol?

Anyone else's difficult child do this?


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My difficult child does this too. For him it is a control issue. He will only try his hardest when he feels he will accomplish the task. When he feels he is losing control of the situation he will walk away and act disinterested. But he will keep an eye out for another opportunity for control. This is in sports as well as interaction with other children. If he isn't the boss then he won't play.

In the class room he will get involved only when he thinks he knows the subject and can show off his intelligence. The second they start to learn something new he shuts down.

Look around and see if you can find a trigger for your difficult child. This is just what I have noticed with mine.

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Honestly, it can be both difficult child and typical kid behavior. I've seen it in my easy child as well as the difficult children. They tended to mauture out of the behavior. Well, except Nichole will still tend to do it.


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For 10 year olds, it sounds pretty typical. If he were in his mid to late teens, then not so typical.

Kids want to have fun. The idea that with fun comes work doesn't exactly seem fair to them. If they can avoid the work, they will.