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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Mikey, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. Mikey

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    I never cease to be amazed by the number of people who will jump at any chance to put out the "pot is safe" message. My latest source of aggrivation is an article on SlashDot about a possible use for cannabis derivatives in fighting cancer.

    Of course, the following debate brought out all the NORML freaks who want to spread FUD and disinformation about how dangerous this drug is.

    Here's the link:

    What really struck me was the number of people who labeled themselves as "geezers" who still indulged, and claimed no adverse affects. And then there's the nutjobs who claim the "war on drugs" is actually about driving up the price of drugs so that the CIA can sell more to finance their secret wars (no, really, I'm not kidding, read for yourself).

    With this kind of dreck out there, is it any wonder that our kids find it hard to believe the truth about the dangers of this drug?

    I'm just flabbergasted and speechless. Well, not exactly speechless (that would be the eigth wonder of the world, wouldn't it?)


    And yes, I did leave a couple of posts (bigger than a postcard, smaller than War and Peace) for two of the more aggregious posts. Lord help me, because I couldn't help myself. But I just couldn't stand by while several HUNDRED people were joking and yukking it up after twisting a serious and valid topic into another adolescent pothead/NORML free-for-all.

    I just don't get it.

  2. wakeupcall

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    Hi Mikey

    You know by now that some people are just a*******s. I know SO little about drugs...lets see....ummmm, there was the beginnings of LSD and pot when I started college back in the Dark Ages. NO one I know ever indulged and my two oldest children never considered such a thing. BUT difficult child may be another story as he matures. He wants to "fit in" so badly that I have the fear of drugs, so I read your posts very carefully. I pray that will be one battle we don't have to fight, but we've had to fight everything else, so who knows. Like you, I can't imagine even the geezers advocating. You'd think that deep down they wish they didn't feel the need....or the want.

    You and your family are in my thoughts.
  3. meowbunny

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    My best friend had cancer. She tried the pills but they did nothing for her nausea. Her doctor finally told her to find a Deadhead and get some grass and smoke it because she was losing 5 lbs a week from not being able to keep anything down. I truly believe it saved her life.

    I have friends who have grown their own for the past 40 years. They have a joint like their parents had a cocktail -- a nightly event. I do not believe they have been harmed per se by their usage.

    The message I have given my daughter since she was 3 years old is (1) anything can be abused; (2) you have a genetic mix that makes you high risk to become addicted to any drug so be careful; (3) the pot of my generation is nothing like the pot of your generation; (4) getting high is fun, it feels good, the problem comes when it keeps taking more and more of something to make you feel good and the only thing that matters is feeling good. So far, these messages seem to have worked. She experimented a little, does lke the high but is afraid of the aftermath. Works for me.

    Nothing is truly all bad nor all good. Opiates relieve pain and can put you into wonderful fogs that destroy all reality around you. Steriods can help you perform better and put you into roid rage. Pot can help relieve nausea from chemo, relieve the pressure from glaucoma and can have you hallucinating. To just scream something is bad and don't do it is an act of futility. Just say no didn't work for Nancy R., it won't work today. Both sides have facts at their disposal that are accurate. Both sides have facts at their disposal that have been distorted. The best we can do is sort the facts, be honest with our kids as much as we can and guide the best we can. The ultimate choice will be up to the kids. Yours chose to go the drug route. Mine chose not to because of her fear of her genetic pool. I got lucky.
  4. goldenguru

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    I didn't visit the site. Do they have empirical studies that show that cannabis can treat certain types of cancers? If so, why would you object to that?

    The state I live in is currently attempting to pass legislation to legalize medicinal cannabis (not as a curative but rather for treating symptoms). I don't think I'm opposed to it.

    If it relieves the symptoms of some debilitating conditions - why not allow it? Narcotic medications are hardly without side effects and dependence issues.

    I always go back to the idea of alcohol prohibition. It was an ineffective law. People drank anyway.

    I'm no liberal. And I certainly don't support legalizing drugs for recreational purposes. But, I would not be opposed to legal marijuana for the use of relieving certain medical conditions.
  5. DammitJanet

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    There are people I know who advocate using pot for pain control. Some say it works well. When I had no insurance and was in really bad pain with my arthritis and fibro, I tried it. I found out for me that it doesnt work at all. It makes me hurt worse. But thats just me. Thats really too bad because I also have borderlines glaucoma and it would probably help the pressure in my eyes but then that would be just one more problem I would

    I guess I think if they want to legalize it for medicinal purposes it is fine with me. There are many drugs out there that are worse.
  6. wakeupcall

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    My father had Cancer also and used pot to help with his pain and nausea. Yes, he got it somewhere (I have no idea) and it was suggested by his doctor. I don't fit that into the same category whatsoever. I think the ones Mikey is talking about are using it recreationally and the fact is, it's illegal. My father never did anything illegal in his life, but if he was going to die anyway......and this helped make it a tad easier. Anything to an extreme is not good.
  7. tiredmommy

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    There's a big difference between supporting the legalization of pot and supporting the legal regulation of pot. Legalization allows anyone to grow and distribute pot. Legal regulation allows the government to make decisions about who can grow it, formulate it and distribute it for predetermined reasons.
  8. 1905

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    When I was on chemo, I tried smoking it and seeing what would happen. What happenend was, I was already feeling sick and being stoned on top of that was horrible! I think if someone has cancer, or is sick, then that's one thing. In that instance, whatever works- if it's pot, great. I'm sure it has less side effects than some prescribed drugs.-Alyssa
  9. judi

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    I'm an advanced practice nurse and we do have drugs that mimic some of the effects of pot: appetite stimulants for example. However, I am only interested in hard and fast statistics, preferably from a reputable medical research study. To give credence to this drivel is to validate it.

    As I tell my patients we must pick and choose what we read on the internet.
  10. Mikey

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    My point exactly. The original post was about a promising new use for cannabis in treating cancer - and almost overnight, all of the "legalize pot" morons had co-opted the thread, including the government conspiracy folks, the permanent stoner folks, the libertarian "don't tell me what to do with my own body" folks, and every other person who wants open access to pot for reasons OTHER than medically-valid uses.

    No matter where I go, it seems that this happens. I have no doubt that there are valid medical uses for cannabis. My son's doctor is convinced that within 10 years there will be a cannabis-derived treatment for ADHD. I'm just sick and tired of valid, beneficial discussions being hijacked by the pothead crowd.