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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Wiped Out, Apr 13, 2009.

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    Haedes(sp?)What a day-I am so ready to hide under my covers and not come back out until difficult child is sound asleep!

    His attitude this entire day has been horrible! It started this morning when we went to get his c-pap machine. He was disrespectful to husband, the therapist, and mostly to me. It was so embarrassing. He was calling me names, yelling at me, telling us and the lady he wouldn't use the machine (we have discussed with him his reluctance and been very patient and although we realize there may be some anxiety the way he handled this was not o.k.). He even tried to make me cry-didn't work though I was too angry!

    On the way home he complained, called names, and threatened (nothing to do with the cpap machine). All day long has been one insult after another. The consequences that usually work today did nothing. He also went after his sister at one point and held a butter knife to my chest (I know he was only in a threatening mode but this still is not o.k.)

    He has threatened to punch me several times today but stopped short of actually doing it although he did shove me once and is at STW for it.

    He is so wound up. It isn't like him to be threatening and rude in front of other people but today it made no difference at all. Also on Saturday when we went to Michigan's scrimmage he was the same way even with an adult friend of ours along (it was his god father who he loves and who he always tries to behave around but not that day)

    easy child has also been a pain today but mostly typical teen stuff. husband and I are worn out, we have no energy left and my head is literally throbbing. I have a huge migraine coming on and I've already taken 800 mgs of Ibprofen. Poor husband is still dealing with him but I have no energy left to deal with things tonight.

    Please cross fingers that he falls asleep soon and doesn't fight the cpap too much. He got a new boom box stereo for Easter so he should be able to sleep with his music on which should make him happier.

    Sorry for the long whine-I have just had it with difficult child today.
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    I hope tomorrow is better.
  3. ML

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    I pray he falls asleep in record time and that tomorrow is much better. I hate those days.
  4. jannie

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    Sending hugs--sorry today was so miserable. Wishing you and difficult child a good night's sleep...and may tomorrow be a better day.....
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    Sharon, have you & husband considered thanking difficult child for "sharing his feelings" or replied with "I appreciate your thoughts on this matter".

    It's deflated both kt & wm at their most awful. Now it makes kt just giggle.

    ((((hugs)))) & I hope tomorrow is a better day.
  6. Wiped Out

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    Thanks for the good thoughts. We often use, thank you for sharing. It doesn't make much of a difference for him. Sometimes it stops him for a short while but then he is right back at it. I don't think I did use it yesterday though-probably should have as maybe it would have had him stop for a bit. Much of it we ignored yesterday but it was so constant that it made for a very long day.
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    Hi, Sharon. Hope things are better today.

    Is this your son's first trial with CPAP? How is it going? Just a little personal note here -- I have three family members with sleep apnea, all have breathing machines; two use them regularly and claim it has made a huge difference in their lives, including temperment-wise. The third family member, who has sleep apnea but does not use his breathing machine is my husband; we have all encouraged him to do so. He has trouble with the mask and was told by his doctor to give another mask a try; lately, he seems to be thinking about giving the breathing machine another try and I hope he does! His quality of life is very much affected (at least from what I observe daily) by the effects of the syndrome. We will see if he will get started again and how it goes.

    Good luck to you and keep us posted. Hang in there and don't give up hope!
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    Just want you to know I'm thinking about you... Hoping today is a better day... Hugs... WFEN
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    hope today goes better. Hugs.
  10. Andy

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    Did your difficult child loose the attitude in his dreams? Was he better today?
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    oh sweetie make room over the covers I am coming over with some chocolate and wine. Sounds like we both need a mental health break.