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    *sigh* My hubby is such a darling. He took all my laundry to the laundry mat and is doing my laundry for me. He's also doing the groceries for me too and bringing home coffee (timmieeeeessss ohm nom nom nom).

    A good lady friend of mine decided to make a visit yesterday which was nice (holy hannah her kids plus my kids equals chaos lol but they kept it noisily clean. They didn't mess up my clean house - BONUS).

    Wevil ate my 8 buck lipstick (cover girl, I usually don't wear it, makes for bad cold sores but so far 2 weeks in this particular cover girl product seems to be pretty good for me) this morning. Yes, 5 years old and ate my lipstick. One bite, whole thing. So mad but had to giggle too, one bite...chomp and gone.

    What possesses a child to eat a tube of lipstick? It was a pretty shade too, Shade #275 in Kiss Blaster. I guess I'm out to get another one when I can...At least she didn't eat the mascara!

    I've found a product that really helping with the ugly cyctic acne I've been having problems with. Not fully but getting there. Northern American Hemp Co's hemp seed oil exfoliant and clenser. I haven't had a huge cyctic lump in about 8 days now (WOOHOO). I find them so humiliating and embarassing. I'd rather the cold sores honestly. These cystic acne lumps are just horrible and ghastly and guh!

    Big B is being a brat, I didn't get my alone time the other day but they've been being really good about bed time routine, even Wevil without her medications (ran out, haven't been able to run out and get more yet). Interestingly, we lost all our snow because it rained for 4 days and now it snowed last night and is snowing today. Go figure *lol*.

    My turkey stew with dumplings was a hit with the kids, they ate the whole pot, it was a big pot lol

    Just thought I'd update. Oh and still no word on that Dennison Enviro job yet. *sigh* Goddess I hope I end up with that job, we could use the stability and benefits of that job....
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    Fingers crossed for the job. Sorry about the lipstick and acne. I HATE adult acne - it can be SOOOOOO PAINFUL and AWFUL. What do you treat it with when you get it? Walmart sells a product in the first aid section called "BurnJel Plus" that we started using on Jessie's acne with amazing results. It has lidocaine, aloe and tea tree oil and it helps the acne heal MUCH MUCH faster. I strongly recommend keeping it on hand. It is also good for burns, of course. The lidocaine really takes care of the pain of the cystic acne and the other things make it heal days faster.

    Has your little one been evaluated for pica? Eating non-food items like lipstick can be quite dangerous. There are things in lipstick that are not safe to eat, esp as whole tube at once, just as other things are not safe. A doctor should evaluate her for this because she runs a very high risk of lead poisoning and/or eating other dangerous substances that could cause catastrophic problems. I would keep a log of non-food items she eats, when, why, etc... and get a doctor to evaluate that this new year.

    Enjoy the clean house and be glad the kids liked your soup! It is hard when you make a big pot of something and they refuse to eat it - drives me batty!!
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    Actually, the Occupational Therapist (OT) and I talked about Pica ironically. She doesn't feel it's Pica because Wevil tends to mouth it but not eat it. I think the lipstick thing was a random normal happenning that won't be happening again. Although she does eat lip balm (I buy only the all natural stuff for the girls and myself where you can pronounce everything and it is edible because of this very issue). I use the Northern American Hemp Co products but will keep my eye out for the Burnjel Plus stuff. Anything to help get rid of this. I seriously would welcome a cold sore more so than adult cystic acne any day. VERY painful, A few weeks back I had a particularly painful lump near my mouth and accidentally banged it with my cup and holy hannah the new curse words I invented that day.

    I think Wevil might have a borderline Pica issue. Again, she mostly mouths stuff for sensory stimuli. She doesn't swallow it, things like marbles, coins, popsicle sticks, etc. Just to feel it in her mouth like a baby puts everything to their mouth. First time she's ever eaten a whole tube of lipstick but then first time it's ever been in the house too. Normally I break out badly with makeup but seem to have found a fairly decent product that isn't doing that to me. Yet. Though, like I said, lip balms she will eat. I've even caught her chewing on paper but never swallowing it. I know quite a bit about Pica because I had a friend who had severe Pica. Rough illness to deal with, they don't want to do it but just can't seem to help themselves.
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    My boys both mouthed about everything, so I know how frustrating that is. At least you are aware of pica, LOTS of people are not. I can see why it would not be thought of as pica at first look, you know far more about it than I do. I mentioned it because there are a LOT of people who have never even heard of pica. thank you is just this year (fifth grade) having some shirts he hasn't chewed out of shape in 2-3 wearings and actually eaten holes in. Have you tried chewy tubes/necklaces etc...? many online Occupational Therapist (OT) supply places sell them.