The Light at the End of the Tunnel


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Belle posted this today on facebook. I've edited it just a little bit because her language won't pass the censor... LOL! I no longer mind if she finds me here, because she knows it was my attempt at finding help. I love this kid.
Crazy to think that a year ago today was the first day I started my new life. My second chance at freedom and making something of my life instead of wasting it away in another jail cell, or so high I couldn't even see the beauty around me. That 18 months changed me as a person. It opened my eyes to the physical and mental abuse I was allowing myself to go through. I learned to love myself and value myself rather than looking for approval in people who just wanted to hurt and use me. I got to know myself. I bettered my artistic skills. I learned that I could write some deep *** poetry. I saw myself as a beautiful and smart young girl for the first time. I can't explain to you how amazing it is to meet the the real you for the first time. It's the best feeling is when you find yourself. When you call out and cut off everyone who doesn't deserve you. Once you realize your value and you see yourself as a human being and not just a waste of space. I love myself. I love who I am and who I've become. I went from homeless, sleeping at gas stations with someone who beat my ***. To now, I have a man who loves me unconditionally for everything I am and we just got our first house together♡♡. I never would have seen my life being this amazing only a year later when I was sitting on that bunk, counting down the days. Just because you're struggling with addiction, or can't keep out of jail, doesn't mean you can't change it. If I could, anyone can.

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Awesome, simply awesome Annie, the hallelujah chorus is playing in my head right now.
Thanks for sharing the hope



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OK, I'll admit it.

I really did think Belle could do this.

But I really did NOT think she would turn around THIS FAR, THIS FAST.

What a fabulous "ending" to the story.


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Wow!! I haven't posted in a very long time, but have lurked. I had to sign back in to say CONGRATS!!!!!! to Belle. What an amazing accomplishment. She (and you should be so proud)