The load just gets heavier


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The case worker finally called today. I was so shocked , I gave her the info. she asked for , mostly phone #s, and it took me until now to just get really po'd. They got that info before! More runaround. She said the therapist just gave her the evaluation. I find it hard to believe that a doctor that wanted to put difficult child in Residential Treatment Center (RTC) would take 3 weeks to give the evaluation to the cw. I tried contacting him before, funny no extension for him. :hammer:. She knew 3 weeks ago that we were approved, don't know why she couldn't be making calls in the meantime. I think I should leave difficult child with her for 3 weeks :grrr:
Now on top of it , the psychiatrist finally returns the call that she told us to make to her today. I was at work so now she wants me to call Fri. am and leave my phone #(??? she has both home and cell-not sure why she didnt just call me on the cell tonite???) Then she will call back between 12 and 2. So why not just do that? :hammer: :rolleyes:
On top of that, daughter 11 is having increasing problems with her knees and ankles giving out.She , as well as daughter 9 and hubby, has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. It causes hypermobile joints amongst other things. I think she might need at the least knee braces. She keeps falling down and I'm really worried one of these times she will really injure herself.
On top of that, yes there's more, husband's back is getting worse. He has had 2 herniated disc surgeries and 3 abdominal hernia surgeries and both hernias are back again. This is not unusual with EDS. He is in constant pain. So I am now on the search for a new doctor for him . He keeps going to the idiot orthos down the road. They prescribed physical therapy! No MRI, they'll do that if this doesn't help. What!!! :surprise: I won't ask , what next. Please pray for us . I don't know how much more I can take.
giv, quickly losing what little mind I have left


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You have a lot on your plate. I'm sorry you're getting the run around from these people. It seems to be what they do best.
I hope your daughter and hubby feel better soon. It's hard enough to handle difficult children without dealing with the added worry. I hope it gets better. Take care of you.


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: givnmegryhr</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I think I should leave difficult child with her for 3 weeks :grrr:</div></div>

:smile: That'll teach her!!!!!!!!!!!

But seriously, you have so much on your plate it makes my head spin :nonono:. On top of the difficult child issues, all the health issues with husband and daughter.

I can offer you nothing but wishes that you are able to take care of yourself amid everything going on in your life. I hope you are able to sqeek a little time to do something good for you.



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Thanks Loris, Terry and LDM. Surprise of all surprises, the case worker called me today, she was suppose to call me back yesterday. She said she called for the family services and asked how long it would take and they said about a week , so she is going to call Mon. and ask about them again and will keep on them. I hope she means it. In the meantime we have to go for another evaluation. Not sure why,but that is what we have to do. I told her I actually wanted to ask about summer services anyway,like camps . Isn't that awful, I'm already getting anxious about summertime?
As far as doing something for me, thank goodness they have school during the day, it does give me a break and I have started seeing therapist every 2 weeks. Don't know that it is helping yet.
Thanks again, I'll keep you all posted.


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Yeah, when it rains, it pours, that's the way it is in my home too :rolleyes: Just seems there is no escaping it :devil:

You have a boatload on your plate. I'm glad you're getting some time in for you today.

As far as summer camps go, I called the YMCA today and asked them to mail the applications out to me so I know my kids have their place. Have you thought about them? They provide financial assistance, too, and my kids went there through the entire summer last year. It was GREAT for them.

Hope things ease up soon.

Hugs to you, my friend.



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Thanks amy. Thanks Janna. How do you get the financial assistance thru the Y? I'll have to ask the wraparound services if this is one that would pay for. Our highschool just got a pool last year and the Y uses it, so they might have a summer program.I'll look into it.


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The YMCA offers financial assistance themselves. You can call and get the application from them for the camp, and when you call for that, ask them for a financial assistance application, too. It wasn't free for us (I work, but I didn't count SO, we're not married), I think I paid $35 a week per child. But if you're only sending difficult child, $35 or $40 a week to get him out to camp all day is, well, awesome LOL.

Also, MHMR offered to pay some if we couldn't afford it. Do you have an MHMR caseworker? Our psychiatrist agency wouldn't I'm sure, although didn't ask. Wrap, yeah, they may help some.