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  1. I recently discovered just 2 days ago that my 4 yr old son who has been seen by numerous doctors that would say he is Autistic outloud, but would never give an actual diagnosis of Autism.... Time after time, doctor after doctor, they would write down their little ICD-9 codes for ADHD, meanwhile we are pulling our hair out, over and over, we know he's Autistic, we know he's ODD, we knew he had major sensory issue, but for the love of MEDICATION, why aren't they diagnosing him autistic???? For those who do live in Florida, and those of you that don't, and all who had no idea, like myself, my son has been on Florida Medicaid, Medipass for two years, I'm a single Mom who has recently put myself through nursing school to have a better life for my children. As I was giving the new insurance information to the Children's Treatment Center for my son's Doctor, I had asked, Why do all the doctors say he's Autistic but we have an ADHD diagnosis??, the nice lady on the other line stated to me, because your son was on Medicaid, we give a ADHD diagnosis, because Medicaid will not cover and treat Autism, ARE YOU SERIOUS????? But she gladly pointed out now, that I have Aetna, I'd probably have the diagnosis of his REAL PROBLEM and not the pretend one that has been baffeling me for 2 yrs now....If anyone else is in the situation that I have encountered, I think we need to go to our state reps., and make it known that Autism is something that is treatable and needs more attention, we shouldn't have to have a blanket diagnosis to get the help our children need and deserve, just because sometimes we are less fortunate and at times need the help of the state. If an alcoholic, or a drug abuser can get state insurance and be covered and treated why can't Autistic children be covered, this sets my hair on fire!!!!!!!
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    Welcome to our little corner of the world. I totally understand your frustration over the incorrect diagnosis (ours was NOT due to insurance) but I would be insensed if our insurance did that to my kids here. I am so glad our Medicaid system here is not like that (or our providers). In our case it was just incompetent professionals.

    I would definitely take what you were told to your government legislators. That is outrageous.
  3. Such a shame since the incorrect diagnosis has made him miss out on important early intervention services. It seems criminal.
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    Hi and welcome.

    I'm in FL too, and if I'm not mistaken, they did change the laws a few years ago to include treatments for autism. I just remember the IEP team finally being allowed to put Autism spectrum on teh paperwork instead of "other health impaired" It's possible the legislation was for somethings, and not others. ie "watered down legislation" Honestly, I never sought out any medical treatment for my son's diagnosis. I know some moms who got SSI for their kids with an Asperger's diagnosis but have always been told that that wouldn't cut it, SSI doesn't consider Asperger's as Autism. WTH??
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    Wow. You can get treatment on Medicaid with autism in Wisconsin. Weird!
    glad you have him diagnosed and on the right road now :)
  6. Good Day!!!
    Thanks everyone for your input, It's nice to know that other folks are having the same issues. It is frustrating. And as for Aspeger's it's HIGH FUNCTIONG AUTISM, these people that are supposibly running our state and goverments will not get it, until they get it!!! You know, I had my kids on medicaid while I was in school, and worked part-time, couldn't get insurance through work, so I opted to make sure they were covered, and then they govern you, who, what, when, where, and why you can see to treat your children, or if a medication isn't covered they don't get it, when they do need it. I could go on and on and on and on LOL.. As for my munchkin, he did go through FDLRS for his IEP's, but we plan on moving back to our home state of Rhode Island, were they have the Center for Autism @ Bradley Hospital, once i have the black and white diagnosis, it will make it so much easier to enroll him there for Autism and not the ADHD diagnosis they were giving us..... In the end, I'm totayl blessed and fortunate to have the child God gave me, just the way he is, it has changed us for the better, and couldn't imagine my life without him..
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    This tickled my heart, because there have been many days I've wished my girls were more like my Aspie son. I could so easily deal with 3 of him!
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    Your attitude is going to make your journey much easier!