Then she goes and does THIS...

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    Perhaps you might remember in our last episode Daughter's visit to the oral surgeon not to have her wisdom teeth removed.

    Irony, eh? "Wisdom".

    Anyway, for those of you just joining us, Daughter decided NOT to follow the proper pre-op procedures. To make a long story short, when the surgeon opted not to perform the surgery, Daughter went into a five-alarm meltdown in front of the world.

    Part II had me and Daughter scuffling in the parking lot with Daughter pushing, shoving, and trying to drag me back to the dentists office. I even lost my shoes to the viewing pleasure of all present.

    by the way she has another appointment on Oct 9th.

    Moving on...Yesterday, Daughter comes up to me while I am working on some school work and tells me of something she did.

    She's been having an on going feud with former friend that deeply betrayed her. It's been getting rather nasty with the last confrontation happening at a local shopping mall. Security was about to be called and they decided to calm down.

    Daughter is very close friends with FORMER friend's two cousins. Because of former friends betrayal, they haven't spoke to her in over a year. Yes, it was that bad. So, former friend is extremely angry about the loss of family relationships.

    The angry verbal exchanges have been going on over a year at school. Lots of nasty stuff said about Daughter on Myspace. Plus, she's been writing stuff about her cousins. Of course, Daughter couldn't go fast enough to show the cousins what she wrote.

    I completely understand Daughter's rage at her. Actually, I would relish having a chance at former friend myself. But, Daughter was a huge part of keeping this going for sooo long.

    Fast forward to yesterday....Daugher says to me:

    "Mom, I went up to former friend and apologized. I told her I was sorry for what happened with her cousins and that I don't want, or expect, us to be friends, but let's put a stop to all of the verbal attacks and be cool with each other. This is my senior year and I don't need the added stress of the ongoing battle with her. She said, 'Fine, okay".


    So, maybe there's hope for her afterall.

    I needed that proud moment. It helps to keep me going. :D
  2. susiestar

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    I am glad that sheis maybe showing some maturity. Hugs.
  3. KTMom91

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    That sounds like a major step for her. Congrats!
  4. TerryJ2

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    Wow. I'm impressed.
    That is so cool. I hope it works. It's definitely the right thing to do.
    Yes, I do remember the wisdom tooth debacle ...
  5. flutterbee

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    Here's to maturity. :wine:
  6. Pookybear66

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    Congrats to you and your daughter! It just shows that some things actually do get through those thick heads of theirs! Keep up the good work!
  7. Wiped Out

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    I'm very impressed-good for her!
  8. katya02

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    Major step in maturity - and a major life skill (the apology and realizing it's often necessary to maintain civil relations even if you have issues with a person)! Good for her! Kudos to you!