There is a program "Love and Logic" may help


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Had anyone used this program. I'm looking at it online. It is affordable. I'm more out of control than my boy. I need help he is happy the way things are.


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I truly like L&L. It is one of the few parenting methods that my husband and I were able to be on the same page with. I didn't buy a program, just several of their books. The ones that applied to the ages my children were at when I bought the books. I loaned them to teachers at times and they appreciated them.

I went to a seminar for parents and teachers. Dr. Charles Fay, one of the authors, was the speaker. It was wonderful. And funny. At one point a man blurted out "So that's why you sold it!"

The man and his mother were both there. They were both teachers. He had been something of a rebellious teen and his mother had used L&L with him. At one point he had refused to do some chores she told him to do. So she hired someone to do them. When it came time to pay the person, she did. Then she pawned either his stereo or game system, I forget which, to replace the money she had paid the person with. After all, the responsibility for getting the job done was his, not hers. So the money to pay for it was up to him to provide. When the son threatened to pawn something of hers, she told him she would have him arrested for theft. He said he would do that to her for pawning his stereo. She pointed out that he couldn't because she was his mother. Legally she owned his stuff, he didn't. That stunned him.

The things I learned in these books worked with my kids. Teachers at our schools have been through seminars and use the methods in class. There is a lot of common sense in the books, especially if you are very consistent.