There is honor among thieves

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    Burglars Heat Bottle Up for Baby

    Burglars who broke into an Eastside, Ind. home stopped stealing long enough to heat up a bottle for a crying baby, according to the Indianapolis Star newspaper.
    Two armed men, one with a shotgun and one with a handgun, forced their way into the home and tied the residents up, pistol whipping one of them, the story said. To quiet a crying baby, one of the men heated a bottle in the microwave and allowed the 14-year-old to feed him before making off with a computer, TV, a computer-game console, cell phones and money, the story said.
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    I saw that.

    Odd isn't it? They will heat up a bottle for the baby but pistol whip one of the adults. Go figure.
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    Wow. I read another one the other day. A man was being mugged by thugs at gun point. When they rifled through his wallet, he had his military ID in there. Even though he was no longer military, he had his ID. One of the thugs stopped the others and refused to rob the guy, going so far as to thank him for his service to his country.
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