They don't get what they put us through....


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And then I get this threat that we will end up with no relationship. So he knows I want a relationship with him and so thinks he can push my buttons by threatening not to have one!!

When he says things like this to get your goad respond "You know son, that may happen, but if it does, just know I will continue to love you".

We have learned not to react to their threats, tantrums. If he starts in with some drama, I just tell him, hey good talking to you but I have to go, have a good day. Just cut it off so they don't pull you into their drama. Sometimes the less we know, the better we are.


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I can 100% relate with you and what you said. I have a son who doesn't get it.

I am new to this site. I became a member to help me cope with a troubled son.