This Halloween was nice

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    except I ran out of candy. I didn't know how much to buy but had a feeling I'd get at least a few trick-or-ttreaters. I bought three bags of candy but made sure two of them were of types I'd eat or could pass out at work.

    I had a hoard of kids! LOL! It made me feel good because these were age-appropriate- probably between 2 and 10-11 yo and all had a parent with the group. I started giving out 2-3 pieces to each child when they started about 6:30 but then more and more kept coming. I ran out and there are still hoards of kids on the street!

    I have almost ignored holidays for 2 years now because of difficult child issues and started to ignore this one this year due to finances but thought it would be neighborly and I just moved here. But these kids coming to my door tonight really brightened my life. They weren't older teens who have no business trick or treating anymore (in my humble opinion), they were just kids- some in costume but some in no costume and carrying a bag from a grocery store. Most were younger, with a mom or dad escorting them, and EVERY single one said "thank you".

    I wish I had spread the candy out a little more - I'll buy more next year if I'm still living here.

    One was dressed as the Cat in the Hat- that was great! One little girl wwas as cute as she could be and I dug in my "bucket" for a candy bracelet for her. A couple were in school uniforms and only had backpacks to collect their candy.

    I think it was the way Halloween is supposed to be. In some ways, raising difficult child in "nicer" neighborhoods might have done him an injustice.
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    Sounds like the Halloweens I recall as a kid, glad you had a great one! I have my kiddo use her backpack for her loot, it's easier to carry, no worry about strings/straps breaking, and no "Mommy it's getting heavy carry it for me!"
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    I'm so happy that you have had a sense of normalcy! I get a bittersweet feeling under these circumstances, thinking of you.....
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    Glad you had a great halloween. :D

    I haven't given out candy in 4 yrs. First year we were here we had plenty of trick or treaters. Second year basically no one. So I stopped.

    This year I wished I'd had the money for candy.........we're on the poorer side of town (although this neighborhood is a nice one) and seems it's more populated right now. There were tons of kids trick or treating darn it. So I feel kinda bad. But oh well there is always next year.
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    We have only had one trick or treater in the 5 years we lived here. My kids trick or treated on this street once. Lots of lights on but few people had candy or even remembered it was Halloween. One obviously single guy with no kids gave 12 you Jessie and 7 yo thank you each a Red Bull. EEEEEEKKKK!! No energy drinks for kids in MY house - talk about the LAST thing they need!!! LOL!!! They also scored about $5 each from people who didn't have candy.

    thank you went over to my parents tonight. Of COURSE gfgbro and his ex were there. My mom made an AWESOME spongebob costume for my niece. It is nice to know she had fun. I was here with Jess. She started to panic at teh THOUGHT of running into gfgbro. She wasn't up to it anyway, and she IS 15 now.

    thank you had a really cute costume. The lab coat that Wiz took him to get (a real one like the college kids use). He splattered pumpkin guts on it, then I took some dark mineral makeup eyeshadow and brushed smudges all over it and his face like he had been in an explosion. He even let me gel his hair so it was straight up.

    Gma loaned him a plastic beaker and he looked AMAZING!!

    Other than the interminable pictures from gfgbro and his witch of an ex, and her asking "Dad" to do this, that, and the other for her, husband said that things were fine. No big scene from gfgbro, thankfully.
    thank you did stay very close to husband or in another room. He said he just didn't want Uncle gfgbro to try to hug him or talk to him because he was doing all he could not to leave a mess or move things around.

    He shouldn't have to think that way at his grandparents.
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    Glad you had a good Halloween! I had no trick or treaters at all at my new place, it made me very sad :(
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    We've lived in our house for 6 Halloweens now... The first year, we had candy, and I ended up bringing most of it to work. The next 4 years we really went all out decorating - made "gravestones" from wood... "Bad Dog", and Nietsczhe (SP?!)... Several, cannot remember them all. Fog machine, the works. The second year, we had some kids. Third - about 5. Including the 2 across the street and 1 next door. Fourth year - I ended up leaving the candy on the porch with a sign that said to be nice - most of it was there when husband and I got back. Last year, husband was working and Jett was with BM, Onyxx was grounded and I went to my friends'... And this year we didn't even bother to decorate or buy candy at all. I took Jett to my friends' - and he came back with a TON of loot.
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    I'm glad that you had a great Halloween.

    Normally, we don't get anyone at our house. I still buy candy cuz husband loves candy. So, this year, I got my first trick-or-treaters at 1pm. The dogs went nuts! These strange looking creatures were at the door and I went out on the porch with them. Then it was quiet until around 7:30. Then all the junior high kids came around.

    It was funny, we have a split level house. I sat at the top of the stairs with 3 bigs dogs barking/growling/howling over my shoulder while husband handed out a ton of candy. The Costco size bag was almost gone. And I loved have the 3 dogs carry on like they did. They are a great security system.