This is where I live...


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Nope, I wasn't able to pull up a specific destination. It must
be outstanding! How far do you have to travel for medical care?
I drive two hours for our psychiatrist but I only go every couple of months. DDD


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There should be a picture of a boy swinging above the water.... and a short story right next to it... I just clicked on it and it came up. Sandpoint, Idaho

We drive 2 hours off season, non-tourism time, a bit more now. For horrible service!!! But because of her unstableness we need to visit someone more frequently and have access and a plan...


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Totoro...I cant imagine having to drive that far with an unstable preschooler. The area itself sounds wonderful though.

Katmom...I already know where you By the way, did you get the camera they are advertising on the tv commercials with georgetown sc in them? I always wonder if you are one of the folks in the pictures.


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How lovely...yep, I finally got to see as I forgot I don't have DSL speed at the store! husband and I have visited Fripp Island, SC
a couple of times and it is delightful. I'm going to show him
the info on Pawleys. DDD


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DDD, you guys would love Pawleys. It is close enough to Myrtle for the boys to have fun but quaint enough for quiet life. It is basically the tail end of Myrtle beach. The very very

Its a lovely area. I lived at the other end of the strand when I stayed there up in Cherry Grove. The whole area is quite nice but boy is it crowded now. Im glad I moved when we did to be honest.


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Beautiful place to live. How sad that you have no healthcare access where you are though. I live in Ca and in the city that I live in there are no real specialist for my son to speak of. I only have two choices but either one involves having to deal with the freeways here that are pretty much all of the time like parking lots. I get toooo stressed out just for a Dr appointment in another county because of the major traffic so I now take the Metro-Link train for Dr appointments to avoid the freeways. Its quite the joke though because I live in a very well developed community thats maybe 20 miles from where all of the great doctors are but you would think that I lived in the middle of the desert or something. I think my community forgot about updating the healthcare to include specialists for our children or young adults with special needs. Our city and county sure has made a hefty profit off of developers taking over any inch of land left around here therefore adding to the population that will also be deprived of having the proper medical care. There is just nothing here that they can offer. Its crazy and very frustrating. My son has had a Baclofen pump for seven years now and I have to take the highway or train once a month for a 5 minute appointment to have it refilled. My son will be starting swallowing therapy soon and I will have to go to this other county to get that done as well 3 days a week. Yikes!!! Not looking forward to that but it will be well worth it and I'm sure it will get easier as times gos by and just become part of our routine. I am actually considering selling my home and relocating to where all of the specialist are to alleviate all of the travel.


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3D---if you liked Fripp, you would love Pawleys. MB is about 20 minutes north, Charleston, 60 minutes South. It is very historical, rustic, and charming. Not a lot to do except shop, eat (no chain resturants just good local seafood cooked by good local cooks, and sit on the beach--which is the prettiest I've ever seen. It is the definition of shabby chic. Most of the houses are modest in terms of beach houses...nothing fancy. The island is small--and unless your cross the causeway to the mainland, there is not a store or resturant in site----of course the mainland is only 1/2 mile away. island sits between a creek and the ocean--and is only two streets wide.

I 10 live 10 minutes south of there in a very old seaport town---we have a charming waterfront with dining and shops. There are tour ships that take you along the waterway where it the ocean meets the river and to the various lighthouses in the area.


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What a shame. We adopted Rob from Spokane which isn't that far away from you. He had a wonderful therapist there. I can't comment about the school system because he was too young when we moved to PA.

I'm sorry. It doesn't make life easy to live in paradise if it ain't paradise to live there.


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We lived on an island off the coast of Maine until 4 years ago. A beautiful place to live. But no special services, no specialists, difficult child had to travel 2 hours a day to go to his day treatment school. We moved closer to civilation when difficult child was almost 17. A little too late for him to really gain some independence. Now he is in a group home and doing remarkably well.
If we had to do it again, I would have moved when difficult child was 5 or 6 so then we would have had a chance to get him to his potential alot sooner.