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My 16 yo has had 3 incidents with extreme substance abuse and all the behaviors of a troubled kid. Stealing, lying, skipping school, etc. It's like she read the book and followed the manual. She is actually fairly easy to get along with...when she is getting her way.

This last incident left her in the hospital and diverted to a crisis counseling team and it's just dumb. We live in a big city and have a large hospital but I'm underwhelmed. It's week 3 of a 4 month program and the counselor is seeing her to set goals. Goals like "don't use" and "go to school". No real idea on HOW this is supposed to happen. The dr. that we were assured is non medication prescribed Prozac even though the other dr. said that she didn't check any of the boxes but might in time and suggested we wait til complete sobriety. The counselor is a 24 year old social worker that is trying to give me parenting advice and of course my street wise kid sees right through her. I'm just wondering if anyone has been through a crisis treatment program and had any success?

I will say this last incident scared my kid. She was huffing and drinking and almost killed herself by shutting down her respiratory system. I think she is actually slightly interested in changes but we both are trying to see the point of this program that seems designed for 12 year olds.


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It is a start. If she is truly ready to change, the quality of the program will not be that crucial. There are people who stop using without any program. They are giving her tools to help her obtain sobriety.


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If your daughter is using drugs NOTHING is useless. At least your daughter is off the streets for now and unlikely to use drugs while in treatment. You can look for a better option for when she gets out

Nothing is likely to make her stop unless she wants to. My daughter used and it started at age 12 She quit when she wanted to quit. Kids peers always seem to offer drugs if they are wanted. And our kids will steal even from us to afford the drugs or use cheap drugs, like heroin (shudder).One can buy heroin for less than $20.

Do what you can to keep tabs on your daughter. And dont give her money. We cut ff the allowance as soon as we knew.
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Good luck with the mtgs...larger town the better. But young addicts...there are mostly older people at your local rehab and ask them if they have a mtg targeted to a younger crowd. Yes, they all have same problem...but they truly connect with other young people as it is more relevant to them.