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    i had no idea what to title this. I had difficult child's pyschdoc appointment tonite, got my script to have her blood work checked, also spoke of neurologists for new tics. Yet than it hit me and i forgot difficult child also has tourettes syndrome. hence tics. could be that and not the new medication.

    I drove home tonite thinking about difficult child and all she has. BiPolar (BP), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), adhd, major depressive disorder, tourettes, sensory issues, and i'm sure a few more diagnosis's i forgot. She's "complicated" case like everyone's always told me. She's got a little of alot.

    Yet to me, she's my difficult child. She's my little puzzle, my "thinker", my uninhibited little person with whom feels all the good of the world and all the bad. She has no filter, tha'Tourette's Syndrome how i view it, her.

    I have been reminded so very much so of diagnosis's this week with my new job. Than also some tricks i've been learning which are "dont' read up first on the diagnosis's", go in cold and see and feel your way thru it.

    I have challenged my child enormously this week. She has faltered, and fallen, melted down and yelled, tried jumping out of the truck tongiht over her anger regarding something. Yet thru it all we have maintained, i'm not really sure how to be honest lol.

    I find when I am at work she is my driving force, it's hard to explain. She is so kind and thoughtful in so many ways, and so defiant and mean in so many as well lol.

    It's the good with the bad sorta thing. Ok this is so not making much sense. I just felt like sharing. clearly i need sleep. i just feel very deeply for that kid of mine and at times even after being here a year, learning acceptance of her diagnosis by being here, learning soo much from being here. I can still be a bit overwhelmed by her mental illness diagnosis's and the things she faces everyday being her.