Three good things about difficult child

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    Now that he's at camp, it's easier to think about him in positive terms, LOL!

    Last wk, he was bored out of his mind (I refused to let him on any computers, games, etc.) and he sat down at my sewing machine and started to fiddle with-it. I was 2 ft away at my computer, and panicked for a split second, then realized I had a great opportunity.
    "Do you want to learn how to sew?"
    "I don't care."
    (That's a "yes" in difficult child-speak.:laugh:)
    I grabbed a piece of plain white fabric and showed him how to make a simple seam. (About the only thing I know how to do. I've never had lessons ... maybe some day.)
    Then I said, "Want to make a pillow?"
    "I don't care."
    I grabbed a pillow form (I had a living room project yrs ago that I never finished so I've got pillow forms left over) and grabbed some fabric scraps. Among them was a soft blanket fabric with-Redskins art on it. He of course chose that one. There wasn't enough for a pillow, so we decided to use the white fabric for the back of the pillow. Then I showed him how to turn it inside out and stuff the pillow in. I finished it and he got bored and walked away--the bobbin got tangled and it was a holy mess--but at last we had a finished pillow.

    And he took it to camp with-him!!

    I bought his required summer reading books and he read the first one in one day. I was out with-friends (ref the thread by WW) and he called my cell ph at 9:15 at night to tell me he had just finished the first one. The whole thing in one day!

    The next day I had a horrid migraine (I actually had migraines or clusters all last wk, first one eye, then a reprieve, then the other eye for 2 days) and I ran out of Imitrex. So I took fiorocet and a muscle relaxant. difficult child wanted to play Star Wars Monopoly. I really, really wanted an ice pack and a nap, but he's so seldom fun and nice, I took the opportunity.
    Well, the medications made me loopy, and between making fun of Darth Vader's dress and putting sound effects to the names of the planets and such, and difficult child speaking so ungrammatically and making up words (he scares me sometimes. I mean, what is "boughten"?) difficult child and I were rolling on the floor laughing. husband came home in the middle of it and thought we were both nuts but he was happy that at least we weren't fighting.
    I was winning like mad and was also getting bored and more loopy, so I ended up deliberately messing up the board and Darth Vader (my playing piece) ended up on the floor ... and in the dog's mouth. Luckily, difficult child didn't have a meltdown. He just gave up and walked away.

    The next day was camp. difficult child got sick ... was up at 2 a.m. eating real pizza (how many times do I have to tell husband that we can't buy anything with-wheat? And he continues to think we can actually hide things in the freezer or pantry?) difficult child took a 14" frozen pizza and squished it into the microwave and then ate the whole thing in his bedroom. (The new dog ate the box. And threw up the next morning.) I knew I smelled something cooking in the middle of the night, but refused to get out of bed because I knew I had to kick the migraine. Oh well.
    Lo and behold, difficult child awoke with-a fever and severe stomach ache. "I can't go go camp. I'm sick."

    By mid-afternoon, the stomach ache and fever had worn off, so husband took difficult child's temp again and it was normal. He lowered the boom and told difficult child he had to go to camp. difficult child started to get into it, but husband refused the bait, and left difficult child crying in his room. We went to the gym, came home, and difficult child had gotten it all out of his system and realized we were not going to back down.
    He went to the car willinginly and calmly.

    OMG!!! Success!

    I guess that would be 4 good things about difficult child. I don't do math. ;)

    When he's home Friday night, remind me that I said some good things about him, okay?
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    OK will send a reminder on Friday :D

    Good for him for the sewing and reading. How great that he took the pillow to camp. Dont you love difficult child-speak. "I dont care" means yes in my house too. Dont want to write what "no" is in difficult child-speak.
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    What a great kid! You should give him a homemade "I missed you" card and include these thoughts you had about him while he was gone.
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    I agree when they're gone it's easier to think of the good things!! Glad there are many things that are positive with difficult child. I'll try to remind you of that on Friday!
  5. ML

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    YEAH! I will remind you Terry!
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    difficult child 1 liked the smell of lavender, but discovered lemon verbena and loves tat, so he made a small pillow and put some lemon verbena leaves in it. With lemon verbena, and also lavender, you can use the verbena leaves and lavender flowers fresh from the garden and it won't go mouldy. Lavender is more inclined to go mouldy if you use leaves and not flowers AND if it is really scrunched up in a cool dark place. But otherwise - the stuff is brilliant, especially for a difficult child kid who wants to use it right away. You can, with both, especially if most of the inside of the pillow is wadding. And if anyone hassles the boy for having a perfumed pillow - well, these are the same oils they use in after-shave. There's nothing effeminate about these smells.

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    Enjoyed reading about this Terry -- love that he took the pillow to camp.
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    This made me smile - hard to do after the day I have had. Thank you so much for sharing!
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    Thank you all.

    I just read the obits and was surprised to find an acquaintance's name there. I have to go to a funeral tomorrow a.m. and then pick up difficult child a bit late ... I'll let you know how it goes.