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  1. A great show entitled "Through a Dog's Eyes" will be aired in many locations at 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, the 21st on PBS. It is about a local organization here , Canine Assistants. My boss, who uses a wheelchair has received two companion dogs from them. Her latest is a lovely golden named Rupee. Rupee is awesome, and my boss spends a lot of time taking her around town for speaking engagements to raise money for the organization.

    Here's a link :

    It promises to be a very uplifting time, and is bound to put a smile on your face.

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    ...please pass the hankies... :9-07tears:
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    Thanks for the heads up on this show. I watched it last night and it was great. Showed all the effort that goes into matching up dogs with owners....... just a wonderful story...................
  4. I really enjoyed the show as well. It's available on public television station websites now for computer viewing, and I ended up viewing it that way. The director of the organization has turned her own disability and need for assistance into a very special gift for so many dogs and disabled individuals. Some of their dogs are rescue dogs, and I think that their work with them is simply awesome! It's just amazing how an assistance dog can be an icebreaker for anyone with a disability. They open those social doors that are so often closed.

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    It was a new aspect of having a service dog that I never realized........ that the dog would help the owner with various tasks was a given, but the dogs also helped the owners socially and mentally by bringing them out....... Gives new ideas for helping with depression--get involved with training and a connection with an animal.......
  6. Absolutely WmM!

    I spend a lot of time with my boss in the community (she's a quadriplegic) and her beautiful assistance dog just draws people to her. She a very extroverted person and fights loneliness. I think that many people are uncomfortable approaching an obviously disabled individual, and the dog gives them an excuse and common talking point. Of course, the dog loves all the adoration!

    I've seen studies about older people who live alone, and how just having a pet lowers their blood pressure. The companionship is invaluable, but having a pet also gives you instant membership in the pet owner club!