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    I have a four year old that is a very well behaved and sweet girl. She has always been extremely shy. The last few years we have had to move around quite a bit. About a year ago, just after we moved to Miami, I noticed she started having motor tics. I know this because I video taped them and brought it to the Pediatricians office who in turn referred me to a Neurologist. The Neurologist diagnosed her with transient tic disorder. After about a month or so I noticed the tics disappearing. Now we have moved to another city and she has started a new preschool and now I am noticing tics again (she is constantly smelling her hands). Could this still be tics? or maybe some sort of anxiety?
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    It's very common for tics to increase during periods of anxiety. If she's smelling her hands a lot it can be due to a variety of things. Maybe the preschool is using a soap that smells very different than home--I'm very scent sensitive and something like this can really bother me. If it seems to be a repetitive behavior with no cause you probably want to start keeping a log and watch for other behaviors.

    You also may want to do some reading on Sensory Processing Disorder, especially if she seems overly sensitive to scents, is very picky about clothes and/or foods, or seems very bothered by lights or sounds.
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    Thanks for replying so quickly. She is not really picky about her food or clothes, or bothered by lights or sounds.. I will start keeping a log. With moving a lot and starting a new preschool I am sure she is under stress.
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    Sounds like the increased anxiety is triggering the tics, not uncommon.

    I would search for ways to decrease her anxiety levels if possible. Does she have a favorite stuffy or toy or something she could take to preschool with her? You know a little piece of the familiar in a strange place...... Might help some. Maybe letting her talk about how she feels a bit and reassuring her.

    It's so hard when they're so young. I think keeping a log would be a good idea. It would alert you to any other possible triggers, if there are any. There may not be, it could be purely triggered by anxiety.