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    YAY! My sons eye doctor now has my son only coming back to him once a YEAR! Wow, it has been a LONG nearly 3 years now with his eye appts. The trips to eye doctor are so long, it is so far, and with the cost of gas and everything, it had begun to get to me. Bummer is his main surgeon does also still want son to see the other 3 specialists also once a year and they are also long long trips in car. :-(
    easy child is finally doing better, and is now showing. SHe is still on the anti emetic medications, but they finally keep the vomiting at bay most of the time, and she did finally actually gain 4 pounds----and now her doctor also has her coming only once every 3 weeks instead of weekly or twice weekly! YAY. LOL just about in time for her appts to start to normally get closer together. LOL. She sure has become skinny except for her now little bump. But everything seems to say her and baby are now doing much much better. It confuses me becuz in her time on because and for her whole preg so far, she still has not been "examined"

    I see my doctor in a couple days,(another road trip, right on top of just getting home from sons eye doctor) good thing becuz my own symptoms have revved back up and it is distressing. I am hoping it is just becuz it is autumn, it sure seems to me my symptoms do get worse in autumn. But I sure am already quite weary and even weepy with it. :-( Day to day I never know if it will be a foot that will not bear weight, a hand that will not be able to move at all or both. Or a wrist or elbow? or worse. I had been doing so good for such a little while now, tho, that this has kinda caught me off guard with its longevity of flareing, now. :-(

    My sons eye doctor appointment was same day as ever continuing court against the man who molested easy child and several other girls-----over a 9 year period, arrest was 3 years ago- but it is still dragging in court. It was the FIRST court date I was not at for this, and I am quite frustrated becuz I had informed states attorney I would not be there and states attorney was to call and let me know next date, but, now they have not replied to 3 of my calls.
    My own doctor appointment is same day as one of PCs ob gyne appts, her first appointment without me with her. I already warned her this might be when they finally do examine her. I am a little nervous for her, becuz she had been seeing the one doctor, the one we like....but now that she is doing betetr the docs office said now she has to get to alternateing again between the other docs there more, and the one she is seeing has a reputation for not being pleasant with young girls. :-( I offered to change MY appointment, but easy child said she will try to hang tough and do this herself.

    We have already been to apple orchards a couple times here. Have enjoyed the apples a LOT. :) Where I live many people travel here for our apples and pumpkins and corn mazes. difficult children psychiatrist is 3 hours away and she comes here with her own kids for apples, pumpkins and CHristmas trees every year. And yes, I have begun already to switch to more of what I consider autumn foods....LOL, altho this week it sure has been warm and humid and the flooding that we had here dureing Ike down south- it has sent our grass etc into another growth spurt, and we have been warmer now than we were all summer.

    SO, we are hanging in here. Holding our own. Busy. Thriving, even. :)
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    Hi, Dreamer!! I had been wondering how you and the kids are doing. I'm glad to hear things are going better- that is great news about the baby and easy child- and all of you!! Keep us posted!
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    What a great update! Glad to hear things are easier for easy child. She had it rough for a while.

    Thanks for sharing!