Time Change and medications

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by jcox, Nov 1, 2009.

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    Just wondering if anyone else's child has a hard time with the time changing? E always has a hard time adjusting. He usually gets his medications at 5:45 am and 5:45 pm. Tonight by the time 5 came around he was getting really irritable and tired so we gave him his medications early. Just wondering if that was the right thing to do? Should we try to get him back on his old schedule? Lithium works best for him when given 12 hours apart. Should I try to hold off about 5-10 minutes each night so gradually we will get him back on schedule? Should I give him his medications at 5 and 5? (Hate to do that because I want to try to get him to sleep as late as he will without messing up his routine more.) Should I just completely hold off until 5:45 the new time tomorrow? What do ya'll think would work best? He has always been affected by the time change. I hate this Autumn time change the most because instead of getting up by 5:30-6:00 he is up at 4:30 or 5. Hooray! (That was a sarcastic hooray LOL).
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    I would vary the dose by 10-15min each day (maybe switch one day do morning, the next day do evening) I would have to write down a schedule to keep that straight.

    He must be very sensitive to medications. My difficult child can tolerate an 1hr either way on medications, and I have even done more when our schedule is really out of whack. Then again my difficult child is older, and when he was 6 & 7 we did not have good medications on board, and he was much more sensitive and less flexible at that age.