Time for a PE Party!

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by susiestar, May 3, 2008.

  1. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    Things have been so very rough for so very many of us, I think we need a party.

    I propose a nice, warm tropical island with lovely accomodations and a big hot tub.

    I will bring a big bottle of wine, my Senseo coffee machine, and an assortment of yummy treats (carrot cake, blueberry muffins, homemade high protein granola, and chocolate cake!)

    Has anyone seen Raoul? We certainly could handle the addition of our delightful friend Raoul.

    See you all there!

  2. Abbey

    Abbey Spork Queen

    Gosh...the thought of laying on a beach with clear blue waters is so enticing to me right now. Bring it on!!

  3. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    OH! I sooooooo second that!!!! A tropical island sounds just like the thing. No phones, no tv, no nothing except Raoul or other available hunks serving drinks and rubbing tanning lotion on my back.

    I am sooooo ready!!:beach::playingball::swimming:
  4. Hopeless

    Hopeless ....Hopeful Now

    Count me in too. It would be so nice to not have the TV, Phone, Job Pressure, Bills, etc. even for just a short period of time.

    I love the thought of being on a beach without a care in the world.

  5. meowbunny

    meowbunny New Member

    Sadly, I better skip this one or you guys will all kill me when the party's over. I'm sitting here wallowing in self-pity because of a truly miserable head cold. Enjoy the party, have a chi-chi or a mai-tai on me.

    aaaachoooooooo (all over the screen ... ewwwww)
  6. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It


    You simply MUST come and let us pamper you!!! We will commiserate with you over feeling yucky, make you fabulous chicken noodle soup, and tend to you the way you SHOULD be tended when you are sick!!

    Time to bake the nasty difficult child germs out of your system is just what Dr. Susiemom prescribes!!! (And I make awesome chicken noodle soup. HEY, we could EACH make you chicken soup or whatever our comfort food is when we are sick - with all that comforting, you will be boogying with Raoul and Janet's Hunky PO and all the other guys in no time at ALL!!!

    But if you truly feel to sick to come, I will send you some little drink umbrellas so you can have a little bit of party.

    sorry you feel yucky,

  7. meowbunny

    meowbunny New Member

    Right now, the drink umbrellas sound like the best idea. Even thinking of leaving my bed is enough to get a whimper out of me. I can do back pain, jaw pain, migraines all in stride. But one nose drip and I become this wimp that thinks, no, make that KNOWS she's dying and this cold is a lot more than one little drip!
  8. janebrain

    janebrain New Member

    I am so ready to go! Sounds absolutely wonderful! Meow Bunny, are chi-chis those really yummy pink drinks? (I had something in Aruba I loved and I think that was it).
  9. Abbey

    Abbey Spork Queen

    Ok...all powers that be (umm...board members) put your healing thoughts to Meowbunny so she can attend. I'm already at the beach sipping some fruity drink with the umbrella.

    Let's GO!!

  10. everywoman

    everywoman Active Member

    The beaches of SC are lovely this time of year. I just returned from a few hours soaking up the sun with Pcdaugther. The breeze is nice, the sand is warm, the waves are crashing----heaven. I'll save you girls a spot right next to me on Pawley's Island---the arrogantly shabby shore!!! Come on down...and bring Raoul---although if I'm not mistaken he was sitting right behind me on the beach today....
  11. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    OMG I'M ON PAWLEYS (and shabbily-arrogant) RIGHT NOW -

    (looks around with lap top at beach combers)

    Nope Don't see you!!!!!!

    We just yachted up from our beach house on Jekkyl with the nicest people to share time in their Pawleys pig pen.

    I'm the dame with the to die for body, full piece white swim suit (designer of course) bronzed to perfection, long flowing blonde hair in the sun and a tiny little new 5 ct. diamond anklet that DF just gave me at dinner last night. It matches the 3 ct. earrings I got last month.

    And then - this one time at band camp.
  12. everywoman

    everywoman Active Member

    I'm right over here (waving frantically and jumping up and down). Sitting in front of my 8 bedroom, beachfront cottage--because all houses on PI are referred to as cottages. I'm in the black bikini---because my body is in such great shape, even as a 45 year old grandma---I can still wear a bikini!!! I've got the blenders plugged in on the open deck close to the beach. Come on up.