Time of year vs cycling?



Reading a lot of posts, and noticed many of them state difficult child's were doing well until January. Is that common? My difficult child same thing. Was doing great. End of January comes and he has not been stable since.
Does it go away? SOON????


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I've heard it is common - sure would be nice if psychiatrists could figure out why and do something about it!!


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Spring appears to have an effect on many of our difficult children. It could be the affect of allergies on disorders and medications - it could be school anxieties coming to a head as the end of the school year approaches - you just never know.

But springtime, along with flowers sprouting and trees budding, is definately a time of challenges for most of our difficult children.



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Yes...life got increasingly worse in our household as Spring grew near. And, the closer and closer we get to a BiPolar (BP) diagnosis, the more and more it makes sense.

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It's hard to tell what the heck goes on with the tweedles. There are so many seasonal triggers relating to their PTSD.

I may just call it allergies & let it go at that! :rofl: :warrior:


I think timing of flareups is very individualized. My easy child/difficult child 2 has been doing great since January, and I attribute it to hitting on the right medication combo (in fact, I've changed her from difficult child 2 to easy child/difficult child 2). My difficult child 1's mood has ebbed and flowed all spring, and I attribute that to some situational issues and to medication changes that made things worse instead of better (we're now saving some major medication changes for this summer so school is not affected).

What has made the most difference in the case of my difficult children is regular medical care. In our case, that means weekly psychiatrist appointments for medication management and psychotherapy (we don't use a separate therapist for therapy). It is only through this ongoing care that we have been able to make any progress at all.


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difficult child has been out of control lately, but not irritable (maybe due to the Lamictal?) We see psychiatrist tommorrow, and maybe then we will figure out a game plan medication wise.