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    difficult child's teacher just e-mailed me and seems he has been acting up a little. I am just curious. I remember reading about march madness, and this doesn't happen with difficult child, but seems about this time of year he has some of those symptoms. I think they were due to there being more daylight hours. Could he be having march madness later than march, or am I just nutty and he really needs a medication increase? We have not tweaked medications since December. The teacher says he has not been as responsible about turning his homework in, and seems to get more worked up about things. The later symptom concerns me more than the first.

    He has been doing really well for the most part, so I would rather prevent a problem before it happens if I can.
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    You know it happens for people at different times. K starts her slow uphill ramp in February, We have watched and this will be her 3rd year now.
    I think it depends on where you live, how much daylight you receive, rain/snow... all of that comes into play. I know the West coast has had a much rainier snowier season... we sure have!!! We are expecting snow this week, we are close to having the most snow fall and snow days on record... which did affect K and husband, who has SAD... I was affected as well.
    So when the sun starts shining and longer days come... we all get a bit hyped!!!

    Could be what you are seeing??? I would ask, or call your doctor.

    This is a good article because it explains about the drop in Melatonin and how the levels really affect you mood. As well as how TOO much light, or long light can TRIGGER mania.
    I had this happen when I went to Tucson, 2 months ago, I went from NO sun, little light. To full warm sunshine, 90% light!!!
    It triggered me so bad... it was scary. I had to adjust my medications while there in Tucson
    Good luck
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    You know, it could be that, but I am just not sure. What is interesting is I have not seen the same changes the teacher is seeing at school at home. Home is pretty stable right now. difficult child has had some incidences with other students, where he had to stand up for himself as the adults did not see what was happening and I wonder if that is part of the issue. Then his brand new bike helmet was stolen yesterday.

    I am just putting the pieces together here myself. These dang difficult child's are too complicated.
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    agreed for 5 consecutive years difficult child II has become unstable from end Feb into spring. He's in hospital this year in April, but he probably should have been last year, but wasn't in hospital until June. It's something: sun light, temperature or planet alignment, something???