Today is the big day!!! UPDATE

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We got home - kt went straight up to her room to clean it out so she could put away all the other stuff she brought home.

Where does this child get all this stuff???? :surprise: It's truly frightening all the "rewards" our children get.

Currently kt is watching a movie while playing with her dolls. I'm kinda watching the movie; more watching kt & appreciating that she's improved to the point of being able to come home.

Sally is hanging out with kt on the floor, watching the movie with her.

Thanks for all the positive thoughts - all the congratulations, etc.

As I said, it's been a long time coming; there were doubts kt would ever come home. I've planned for the worst now I'm hoping for the best.



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:bravo: Congratulations !! I'm so glad she's home and able to spend time with the family. You've all worked so hard. Have a lovely weekend !!

Thanks for the update!!! I've got every single body part crossed!!! I'm hoping for the best right along with you!!! How about a bit of a cyber celebration :smile:??? WFEN


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Oh, Linda, that's wonderful ! I've been thinking of you and kt and the upcoming homecoming. :bravo:

Sending a big hug to kt from this happy auntie,
and a great big mega hug to her mom.