Today my PCson is 25.


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He is still trying to hold together a marriage that seems to be irrepareable. He is seeing a counelor and talked dingbat into going to the last session, but she didn't like the counselor because she thinks he is just trying to get them back together! He has the baby right now. He is filing papers in August for temporary custody, but he has a job interview with a new company next week and wants to see how that goes first. He likes his job---but if the new company offers him enough he will change jobs. It would put him within 45 minutes of dingbat's hometown and would make joint custody more feasible. He told the guy who called him about the other company that he was happy where he was, but a little dinner and dialogue never hurt anything. He is something that young man I raised!

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It sounds like all in all easy child son is doing very well. I'll keep fingers crossed custody/work issues work out for the best.

Happy Birthday easy child!! :smile: