Today was a bad day....

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by joders, Aug 7, 2013.

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    I am so frustrated, I've just sent him away to his room to clean for the night. over the simplest things...

    "Did you shower this morning?" (he has to shower every morning because he pees his pullup right thru every night)
    "why isn't your hair yet"

    "Brush your teeth"
    "Ok I did"
    "so if I check your toothbrush it's going to be wet?"

    had to brush his teeth for him while he screamed, realized my husband is not doing as good a job as I thought he was because the kids gums still bleed like crazy. When we first got kids full time he had to have a tooth pulled because it was so rotted, he had 5 cavities, and tartar of an old man. I ended up late for work this morning and for my first client all because he couldn't just brush his teeth and shower.

    Then on the way home from summer camp I made sure his seatbelt was done properly (always a fight)
    then he moves around so much in the car and picks at the seatbelt so much it locked way out in front of him providing absolutely no protection so I have to pull off the hwy and fix his belt the whole time praying I don't get hit by a vehicle cruising by on the hwy. I swear this kid needs a carseat and he's 8!!!!!!!

    AND of COURSE to top off everything he peed his pants again at summer camp and just sat in it all day rather than changing into another set of clothes that I sent with him.

    He claims we're so mean to him and I snapped! I'm mean because I want him not to have cavities, not to be the stinky kid at school, and not to go through the windshield in the event of an accident.....ugh I may be breaking the diet tonite with a drink or two.
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    Joders, IT IS NOT YOU. It is him, his chaotic upbringing, all the stuff you weren't even there for. Have you read "The Explosive Child?" by Ross Greene. I highly recommend it. It may be the only way to live with sanity with this kid's issues. He isn't going to listen to you and it's kind of a waste of your mental health and peace of mind if you keep on trying. I know you mean to teach him the right way to behave, but I doubt he is able or willing to learn (may be less willing here than able).

    I read your old post last time and I am sorry I lit into your hub. He has a lot to deal with and so do you. I hope the book makes life a little less stressful for the two of you. You are parenting a very difficult child so you kind of have to do it outside the box.

    I am sorry it was such a frustrating day.
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    thanks! yes, I have heard of that book, and I think it was one of the ones suggested to us, I will pick it up and have a look! just breathe.....I was happy when husband was home to finish what I started.