Total Transformation System?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by klee, Apr 13, 2010.

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    Hi all! I'm new to the forum, and as you probably guessed...I'm at the end of my rope (again). So tired of all the tension in my house and arguments that my difficult child starts. Great kid, but has diarrhea of the mouth and is very disrespectful. What's also driving me crazy is that my 4 year old has started saying some of the same things she hears her older sister say. Aaagghh!!! Has anyone with an ADHD/ODD tween tried the Total Transformation system? If so, did it help? I was thinking of trying this instead of starting therapy sessions for my 12 year old. I have been contemplating buying it, but am afraid it'll be a waste of money.
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    Hi klee,

    welcome to the site! Most of or new members find themselves here at the end of their rope - you are not alone.

    In regards to the typical teen system, all I can tell you is that, for the vast majority of our difficult children, traditional methods of behavior modification and discipline do not work. Additionally, our difficult children are so different in terms of how they respond to medications, authority, structure, responsibility, etc., that what works for one rarely works for another. Parenting a difficult child is like trying a new recipe. The basic ingredients sound great, but often you have to tweak the recipe to add your own flair or make it appealing to your family. Take the basics and make it your own.

    Does your son have a therapist that he works with regularly? If so, they can be a great source of ideas for dealing with your child's issues and for helping the difficult child have a better understanding of what they are dealing with and tools for helping them to manage those issues.

    The influence a difficult child, especially an older one, has on siblings can include everything form mimicking behavior to resentment. Your little one is so very young, if it's just a case of mimicking behavior, you should be able to nip it in the bud now.

    Know that you are not alone.