Totally amazing whale sighting today!

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    Took the kids to the beach today, and when we left around 5:30pm, I decided to drive north for an adventurous side-trip on the way home. We ended up driving to the end of a penninsula that rises up several hundred feet above the ocean. As we were coming over the ridge, we spotted whale spouts about 1/2 to 1 mile off shore! And then we could see the creatures' backs! We stopped at an observation point and were told they were Blue Whales (and also some Fin whales were spotted in the area), and that there had been upwards of 25 of them in the channel this week. When you consider there are only 2,000 of these animals living in the Pacific Ocean, it's astounding to think that so many of them are in our back yard!

    I texted husband at work and boy was he jealous. ;) Seriously thinking of splurging for the family to go out on a tour boat this weekend to get a closer look at these amazing animals before they move out of the area. Usually there may be one or two spotted in our area, but apparently the krill they feed on is particularly abundant right now. Who knows when we'll ever have a chance to see this many again?
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    They are an amazing site and I think you should not hesitate to do the tour! SEND PICS!
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    I saw a little croaker in the creek today ... (mumblemumble)
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    Whales are breath taking. Please post pictures if you do one of the boat tours. I think my whale watching boat trip in nova scotia was the most astounding thing I've ever seen. There were several large pods of whales gathering together, the guide (business in family for 50 plus years) said theyd never seen a thing like it before. They let us putter along in our zodiak like were part of the pod, they were literally bumping the side of our little dingy, babies and all. I'd love to see pictures!!!!
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    Possibly one of the COOLEST things ever posted here. U R SO lucky.
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    We have whale watching boat trips leaving from the village wharf. I have to admit, I haven't taken one. But our little ferry that takes us to the mainland, often sees dolphins surfing in the bow wave. And the lookout from our headland (we have to walk to it, can't see it form our house) is a common vantage point for whale-watching. We're right on a major migration route form the Antarctic. They're heading south right now.

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    very very cool!

    i hope you take the tour so we can see the photos!