Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) info

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Mar 11, 2008.

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    I saw an article today on Traumatic Brain Injuries and some doctors here in OK who are making real progress with patients who have TBIs. If anyone wants them, the links are: is another doctor, mostly treating dizziness. I am going to see him as I have been plagued with vertigo and dizziness since my teens. To date no one has had any luck telling me WHY, so maybe he will?

    I know many of us have kids/husband's/others with TBIs.

    Hopefully this will help. If you come to OK for treatment I will do my best to get together with you!

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    Thanks, I'm looking through it...already found a site from it that is our state.
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    While it is ALWAYS best to find resources close to home, sometimes true advances in health care are only accessibly by travelling. If nothing else, maybe these will spark you to look at new sources for help.


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    I'll check the link out....thanks for posting it. Also, March is brain injury awareness month:D Oh....just opened the link and see it says that already:laughing:

    I was at the site for my state earlier today. While they don't have a lot of content yet, they've been helpful to us in the past and sent us lots of useful info.