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    OMG I would've never dreamed a simple case of a blind man breaking his glasses could drag on soooooooooo long and cause soooooooo much fuss.:faint:

    Once Travis showed me he wasn't saving his money to buy them for himself I put on my best stubborn act and refused to help. Especially when he would not cooperate in any of my efforts such as Lion's club ect.

    Krogers has been involved with getting him new glasses since what like sept?? (maybe before) Turns out store manager has been throwing up road blocks all along preventing the process for Helping Hands to go thru. She'd tell Travis only part of what was required, leave the paperwork (that wasn't valid) lying on her desk forever........Yeah. All the while hoping Travis will quit. It still sticks in her craw that the boy is now in the union and that with being disabled, can't be fired.

    Finally store manager told Travis he was denied for the glasses because he'd went against company policy and went to the "competition" (walmart) for his eye exam and estimate for the cost of glasses.. Travis, having waited months, understandably went ballistic.

    I told him to demand to know the proper way to get the go thru other managers, and or the union, if necessary to find out.

    A few weeks ago I get a call from his front end manager. Seems she has taken the task of Travis getting his glasses onto herself. She arranged for him to get the proper estimate from a vision place in cincy. So easy child and I drove him down there. He gave the paperwork back to the front end manager who submitted it to the store manager. Store manager got it denied stating that Travis' income was too high to need Helping Hands to pay for the glasses.

    Travis nearly quit over that one. The only thing that kept him from it was that I told him he'd not only be without glasses but homeless as well. (I'm evil I know) I told him to tell the front end manager what happened. Now as it happens, Travis pays 100.00 a month rent to stay here. So front end manager re-submitted the paperwork with that 100.00 a month expense deducted from his pay. And he qualified without a hitch. (I think it's been a war between store manager and front end manager whether or not Travis gets his glasses.....with front end manager consistantly going to the union and over store manager's head to do it)

    Yesterday......front end manager drove Travis to cincy to pick out his new glasses and get the estimate of their cost for Helping Hands. She took him because we had no way to get him there with such short notice.

    FINALLY the boy will have his new glasses in about 10 days. :D :D

    I just don't get the store manager's issue with Travis. All of the other managers like him. He gets along fine with all the other employees. And I have this first hand because one of my friends and ex co-worker from another store told me. But this lady is determined to push the kid until he quits.

    But she doesn't know warrior Mom's rule. You can't quit without another job in place. lol So she's got a long wait.

    In the meantime.........this is the second major battle Travis has won against the store manager. He has his glasses after much perservierance and stubborness and with the help of those who do like him.

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    Good for you and Travis. The front end manager sounds like a gem. The store manager sounds like a lump of coal.

    I think Travis will stay at the job he has, this is not a good time to find new employment anywhere.
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    I am so sorry it has taken so long for Travis to get his glasses. I thought he had them long ago!!!!!!

    Can you PM me the store location and the store manager's name?

    Also, I really think Kroger's corporate would be interested in the way she has treated him. Blocking the Helping Hands for so long (5 months!) should really get their attention.

    I am glad the front end mgr got things done, AND that she took him to pick them out. I bet he looks great and feels awesome in them when they come in!

    I am SO glad that Kroger is unionized, otherwise he would have NO chance, esp in OH.
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    Believe me, corporate has had many a scathing letter concerning Travis, and their treatment of the disabled employees, most especially here in ohio. I think corp has come down hard on store manager, which is why she's trying to get him to quit. She's really fuming now that all the other managers are behind him.

    I don't know her name off the top of my head. I'll have to get it from Travis and get back to you via PM.