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(the future) MRS. GERE
Did anyone watch or was everyone glued to the double dose of Grey's Anatomy last night instead?

Thanks to my vcr I was able to manage both. Boohooed through Grey's, then got frustrated as heck watching the one tribe get trounced again from my Survivor tape.

I really hate the format this year. I hate it on The Apprentice and I hate it on Survivor. Especially on Survivor it is such an advantage to be on the cushy team. I sure hope at some point they all end up together. The only thing I can think is that Mark Burnett figured that having nothing would spur the tribe on like the Yul group last season...but I guess he forgot that the other tribes were on equal footing otherwise back then.

Anyway, that's my vent for the day. I am NOT impressed so far with this season.



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I'm not realy that thrilled by this format either. I was so ticked that they lost again. I was really pulling for them.
I really hope they can pull it together soon.


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Vent away, Suz. I am in total agreement. I can barely watch the show, as it's just so unfair.

Any kind of competition between the two tribes is so one-sided, whether it's a physical or mental type of challenge. One would think at first that last night's food eating challenge would have been in favor of the tribe that has nothing. However, think about not eating for 8 or so days, not having any water for the first how many days, and the first thing you are trying to eat is something ewwwy and squishy or crunchy? Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww. I can understand why they were having trouble.

Any type of physical challenge is very one-sided as well. Obviously the team lounging around on their couch at camp has a huge advantage.

I don't understand the thinking behind this, and actually thought the first week of no water and no food was very inhumane. I'm surprised that didn't have to call in medical personnel for the weak tribe.

I'm losing interest in this show because it's painful to watch.



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<span style="color: #660000">i worship at the altar of my dvr lol. watched this morning.

at first i thought the concept was interesting. i thought it would be like the apprentice with-the winning team getting the cushier camp, but there has been no mention of that...unless they are waiting for the underdogs to win to make the announcemnt. how the heck are they ever supposed to win in the condition they are in. it's cruel...but i admit, i'm still watching.

i hope we see a turn around next week.

kris </span>
OK guys, I passed out at 7pm last night, so I missed Survivor. I must say I am not too into it this season, maybe it's my back pain, maybe it's the format...but it is something.

Who was voted off?????