Trying to deal with my bipolar friend


My best friend of 30 years lives in Florida. She is bipolar and some days it is really difficult being her friend. She has many many issues, one of which is that she is having an affair with a man. She talks to this man 5-6 times a day on the phone. They live about an hour and half away from each other. She will send me im's saying "im not well" and thats it! and when i try to call her she won't answer her phone, (she says she was 'out of it' and didn't hear it ringing) she won't respond to emails or ims either. So when I get upset with her because I can't reach her, she turns and gets mad at me. I told her that it is a shame that she talks more to her lover than she does to me, her best friend. I am always worried that when we get into a fuss that she is going to commit suicide. She has attempted a few times and will say she is going to. I just don't know how to act. when she verbally attacks me, i am afraid to fight back because of her past attempts. If you point out to her anything that she should change in her life, she begins this way of thinking that she is a loser and life is not worth living. But she will ask for advice all the time.
I have been on the verge of severing our friendship many times and we actually did not talk for about 5 years, but then reunited about 2 yrs ago when my dad got sick (she lives near him).
Her recent antics today were she said she had to take a leave of absence from work and that it is my fault, because I put too much pressure on our relationship, ie: that i get upset when she won't communicate with me.
ugh! help! :confused:


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<font color="purple">my advice to you is to step back....way, way back.

she is using her suicide threats to manipulate you. don't let her do that!!! don't let her bipolar be an excuse for her abuse of you. she has the ability to make different choices. she needs to take a LOA from work because you pressure her? give me a break!

kris </font>