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    This is a little different than asking how to get those difficult child's a credit card!!! But a lot of you have similiar situations. I have messed up credit from an ex-husband and have not been able to get a credit card on my own. I can't not get it because of bad credit, but more because of no credit. I just never bothered to apply in years and it has been so long no one wil give me a card.
    Any suggestions where to apply? Thanks
  2. AnnieO

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    You can usually find a credit card that will let you put X amount down, and then it's a secured card. Your credit limit is what you put down. After a while, they will up your credit, and then give you the money back and it's unsecured...

    Store cards can be helpful too, just don't over do it!
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    I would suggest a secured card, too. I got one after I had to declare bankruptcy after living with a crazy man, and I was able to rebuild my credit well enough to buy a house. Unfortunately, now that Hubby is unemployed and I am under-employed, my credit went down the tubes again.
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    If you don't mind me asking, how long did it take after the BRK discharged, ktmom?
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    If you have a good history at your bank, you may want to start with speaking to the credit department and request a secured card directly through them. You may get a better interest rate that way, plus they can work with you on credit rebuilding. Often a bank will allow the secure credit card, and the if x amount of payments in a row are never late (usually 12-18 months) they will take the secure portion off. Another 12 months or so of consistent prompt payment and they will usually allow you a small line of credit or something similar and continue working to build you back up with other suggestions etc. Can't hurt to ask!!!
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    I got an unsecured credit card less than a year after my bankruptcy was discharged, from the company always wanting to know what's in my wallet. They used to give credit cards out like crazy. It had a low limit, but that didn't matter to me.. it was something for emergencies, plus a way to begin rebuilding my credit. Of course, that was over 10 years ago, and things may be tougher now. Secured credit cards may be the way to go now.
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    The bankruptcy was discharged in 1989, and I bought my house in 1996.