TSFC Launches exciting new documentary on Tourette Syndrome!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Andrea Danielle 2, May 19, 2011.

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    Sharing some information:
    Yesterday, the Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada launched an amazing documentary film project to bring awareness to Tourette Syndrome.

    This multimedia awareness-raising documentary project has involved dozens of families affected by Tourette Syndrome, filmmakers, and other production industry partners to create an online viewing experience that is different every time you watch it.

    It has already been featured on CTV News and CanadaAM, and much more local and national attention is sure to follow.

    This is the myth-busting public awareness powerhouse that so many of us have been hoping for, and we request that you spread the word about @Random to your friends, family, colleagues and everyone else you can think of so that it reaches as many Canadians as possible.
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    Thanks so much! I can actually get some Canadian channels so I'll keep an eye out for this.
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    I just realized that I forgot to put a direct link to the @random site:
    Everytime you go to the site there will be a different film playing showing a different individual's story. To see the full list of films, click on "Credits".

    This is an amazing site for anyone whose child has Tourette Syndrome or thinks they might possible have it. Even if your child only has one or two tics, take a look, there are so many cases of Tourette Syndrome that are undiagnosed!
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    YEAH!! Thank you for this!