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As I went about my morning routine today, I became aware that my left eyebrow is twitching. Anyone else ever get that? Sometimes it's a different muscle jumping. Today, left eyebrow.

Anything I can do to get rid of this? Aspirin? Vodka? (just kidding about the vodka....Recovering Alcoholic Joke!) :smile:



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Try a hot pack to relax the muscle. Its annoying I know.

I put rice in a sock, tie it off and throw it in the microwave for about two minutes. Works like a charm as a hot pack.


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If you're consuming caffeine, cut it all out and see if that helps. I get this if I'm drinking too much soda.

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I get eye twitches if I haven't been getting enough sleep. And if I'm overwhelmed by something going if it's a premonition of something about to happen.

I try to get more rest, cut back on caffiene and do some things that relax me, like reading, a long hot shower, a pedicure, or a nice walk in the woods.


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Thanks friends! Jo, I'm positive it's because I'm not getting enough sleep this week.

Janet - THANKS for the excellent hot pack home remedy!!

SRL - who? me? toomuchcaffiene??? whaddyameantoomuchcaffeine!!!

Okay, so no Instant Cure, huh? Don't cha know that's what I really need.....

It has calmed down some, but yeah VERY annoying!

Thanks again



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I get them all over my body. :grrr: Sometimes they last for days. Facial twitching is the worst because it's so visible, but I get a lot of leg muscle twitching as well.



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Yeah, I get those from time to time, too. Annoying, to say the least. Hate it when it happens to your eyes!! I have a shoulder that does it almost every day. Jeesh. As if we don't have enough to worry about. Hope it lets up soon for you!


I do it with stress. When the stress is really bad, my whole body does when you're shivering out in the dead of winter...and it becomes painful. Relaxation helps. Or something to get out the tension, like dancing.

I do like the hot pack idea, too. I'm going to use that one. Too bad about the caffeine. They made me quit smoking. They're not taking my caffeine!!! :nonono: :smile:

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You could try magnesium, Pony. I was getting restless legs at night ~ just that whole crawly feeling. Someone suggested that I try a low dose magnesium from the pharmacy at WalMart.

I did.

It worked.

I don't remember the dose. Whatever is the lowest one. Theory behind it is that calcium/magnesium need to be in balance, and that if the balance is off, the muscles will twitch (or, feel like they are going to).

I just took one pill, one night. (No sense putting anything else out of balance!)

This happens to me fairly often since menopause has been slinking around the edges of things, and will pass on its own if I do nothing.

But on those nights that it does happen, the magnesium helps, and I can sleep.



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WOW you gals are awesome! It's sooooooo nice to find, yet another thing, that I am NOT alone in my suffering of!! :salute:

Barbara - thanks for the tip! I will check into that. I'm trying not to think about the "M" word....but things are definately changing.... :smile: